Eli Manning Continues Quest to Be Most Commercial-Friendly Manning Bro

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Now that Peyton Manning is back in the spotlight after spending a year recovering from neck surgery, who knows if he’ll reclaim his title as advertisers’ Manning of choice. In the meantime, brother Eli continues to expand his acting oeuvre by starring in a series of ads for BankPlus, a chain of banks located throughout Mississippi (considering he did play ball at Ole Miss, we say it’s appropriate casting). The “aw shucks” charm we’ve come to know from his interviews and in ads for Toyota, Oreo Double Stuf and now DirecTV shines through in this campaign, which debuts on Sept. 1 and begs the question, “What if Eli Manning never played football?” Check out the second spot below and credits after the jump.

Client:  BankPlus
EVP/Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer: Rob Armour
Agency: The Ramey Agency
Executive Creative Director:  Bob Potesky
Creative Director: Wes Williams
Art Director: Chad Calcote
Account Director:  Wynn Saggus
Agency Producer:  Jim Smith
Account Executive:  Jana Brady
Production: Bueno Films
Director/DP: Albert Kodagolian
Executive Producer: Chris Crawford & Annie Hanlon
Editor: Alex Kodagolian @ Bueno Films
Music Composer: Kevin Haskins