Eleven Introduces Sun Valley Stone-Skipping Robot

By Ella Riley-Adams Comment

One-hundred percent of people want to skip rocks in the summer time, but 99 percent of them can’t. We’re guessing San Francisco agency Eleven didn’t conduct serious research to get those numbers, but they’re probably not far off. There’s nothing quite like standing on a riverbank or lake shore, competing in something as inane as the number of times you can skip a rock off the water.

We briefly mentioned this last week, but now we can safely say that for those of you stuck in the city this summer, Eleven has built a stone-skipping robot that will get the job done. Located in idyllic Sun Valley, Idaho, “Skippy” skips stones in real-time and records a video of the results, allowing virtual stone-skippers to gloat online.

People who visit the Stone Skipping site can also win a trip to Sun Valley by “packing” their getaway car, or dragging and dropping various activities like fly-fishing lessons and hiking into a virtual vehicle. The campaign’s slogan is “Skip Town.” It’s a clever game for adults, highlighting the simple pleasures in life with a pair of high tech, interactive, shareable experiences.

Sadly, Skippy’s only alive for the week, so get your time in on the virtual shore while you can. Only a lucky few will win the real thing.