Digitas, Big Fuel Get Charitable with Holiday Cards

By Bob Marshall Comment

Do you want more agency holiday cards? Well, it doesn’t matter, because you’re getting more anyway (sorry, we’ll try to be more merciful as the holiday progresses).

From Digitas comes “Clicks for Karma,” a Facebook app that gives back to the communities where Digitas’ offices are located. On Digitas’ Facebook page, users can select charities such as Chicago’s “Boys Hope Girls Hope” and New York’s “Union Settlement Association” for the agency to donate to. Aside from encouraging users to share “Clicks for Karma” and the charities with others on Facebook, Digitas also offers up “Gary the ‘My Snowballs Turn Your Webpage into Awesomeness’ Snowdude.” After saving Gary in their bookmarks toolbar, users can add Gary to any website, where his snowball-throwing capabilities can turn sites’ images into those of candy canes, penguins, and the like.

Meanwhile, social media agency Big Fuel is partnering with the NY Human Society with an Advent–er, “Catvent“–calendar. Each day in December, Big Fuel is showcasing a new kitty looking for a home with a strange, irreverent voice-over. For example, today we have a kitty named Stevie, who, according to a short video, is wearing her “most classy pantsuit to defend Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998.” Well, perhaps a Clinton sympathizer or secret mistress will find Stevie’s tiny blazer too adorable to resist…