Designer Graffiti-Tags CP+B Twitter Feed in Job Stunt

By Bob Marshall Comment

From here, 2010 seems like a much simpler time. Back then, jobs at marquee agencies could be attained by Google AdWords bids that targeted ad execs with a penchant for Google-ing themselves. While Alec Brownstein’s digital stunt landed him at Y&R NY, many others who have followed in his tech-savvy footsteps have fallen short. But, one graphic designer’s recent job-seeking stunt is so utterly bizarre that it might inspire a whole new class of young ad professionals who seek creative respite beyond the typical portfolio, resume and cover letter trio.

Inspired by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat’s SAMO style of street art, wherein key words and phrases are repeated throughout various artworks, graphic designer Shaun Gibson is hoping to attract the attention of CP+B by using the agency’s website Twitter feed as his own personal camera. In the image above, you’ll see that Gibson repeatedly uses the phrase “Van Skin” when he posts, establishing his virtual alter-ego while utilizing the fact that CP+B’s Twitter feed automatically pulls in any and all mentions of the agency. Along with the Twitter takeover, Gibson is supporting his campaign by creating James Victore-inspired images using the Van Skin tag, like the one below.

In addition, Gibson tells us, “The last part, and while I am not expert with video, I was planning to close this campaign out with a few youtube videos with a mock testimonial and maybe a mock ad then reveal who I am. Needless to say if the blogs pick this up I probably wont need to reveal myself, you will do it for me. Either way it’s been fun.” Well, either way, Shaun, we’re happy to give you an additional platform to make your case. Watch the very creepy video below, and consider how Van Skin might support your agency’s art department.