Cheap Anti-Obama Ad Latest to Get Super Bowl Rejection

By Kiran Aditham Comment

With the Super Bowl comes the attention whores, so we’ll pacify them for the time being. Here’s “conservative comedian” Richard Belfry (what, was Dennis Miller busy?) telling the masses that Jesus hates President Obama in his ad entry for this year’s Super Bowl. Of course, Fox rejected him, saying, the spot was “deemed not acceptable to air on FOX during the 2011 Super Bowl.” What matters here isn’t the dumb  rhetoric, but how a dude hawking the cheapest of wares and making one of the shittiest ads ever could come up with scratch to actually pay for the $3 million placement during the big game.  Well, according to his PR camp, Belfry used a multi-million dollar cash infusion from private investors in exchange for 49% of his company to launch his site and produce the commercial specifically for the Super Bowl.

Belfry first submitted his terrible ad back in November of last year and got rejected twice–wonder why. In a statement, he says, “This isn’t a stunt and we’re definitely not trying to capitalize on the horrific events that happened in Arizona.  ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ has been around since 2009, we’ve made a ton of money with limited exposure so we and our investors can see the potential this brand has which is more popular than ever.”