Chat Stew: Sarah Palin and Other Enigmas

By Kaitlin Madden Comment


Canadian talk-radio station NewsTalk 1010 invites Torontonians to discuss the fact that Sarah Palin is a best-selling author, that knitting needles are allowed on planes (if accompanied by yarn), and other bat-shit concepts in a new campaign by Zig Media. The ads will take the form of billboards, TSAs, elevator wraps in Downtown Toronto, and online banners.

We’ll show you the rest of the provocative discussion topics, as well as give credits where credits are due, after the jump.

Discuss amongst yourselves, the oddities of:

Knitting Needles

Polar Ice Cap
Electric Car

Client: Astral Media Radio, Inc.
Brand: CFRB Newstalk 1010
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Associate Creative Directors: Jason Hill and Michael Murray
Writer: Steve Barr
Art Director: Craig Ferguson
Coach: Grace Casteneda
Planner: Lynn Sivec
Team Leader: Sheri Hachey
Print Production Manager: Jen Dark
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Studio Artist: Cade Chan

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