Can a Guy Learn Piano in 30 Days? Let’s Find Out

By Kiran Aditham Comment

It took yours truly 2-3 years to learn to become a decent enough piano player, so I approached this campaign from BBH’s five-year-old “brand invention” division ZAG with a bit of skepticism and/or jealousy. But, from the looks of it, keyboardist David Sides works wonders with his tutorials as documented in this clip that’s part of an effort to promote a piece of software dubbed the “Playground Sessions.” BBH/ZAG teamed up with digital creative software firm Rain and NYU program CREATE to develop the web tool and accompanying video that stars a guy named Will White.

The clip starts from the climactic moment before diving backwards to take viewers through White’s journey as he learns to play piano in 30 days. It all leads up to a concert of sorts, though we have wonder if White is only playing that one song at the show. End result aside, those of you aching to learn how play Train’s headache-inducing “Soul Sister” among other tunes can fork over $150 for the Playground Sessions software. If you want to talk point-of-sale marketing, look no further than the end of the clip.