Campwell-Ewald Grows A Garden

By SuperSpy Comment


Campbell-Ewald is going green. The agency has decided to launch a green practice called Garden.

“Our social audits show the vast majority of consumers want to make environmentally responsible buying choices, but they are still very pragmatic in buying what they want and need,” said Campbell-Ewald Chairman and CEO Tony Hopp. “Garden will help marketers reflect their environmental initiatives in messages that connect consumer’s needs with client products that contribute to a greener planet.”

The firm’s “social audits” (snicker) and the work they’ve done for some of their clients apparently got them thinking that a green practice could generate some new business. CE is smart enough to know that you can’t push sustainability externally and be a mess internally. They’ve created a website for other “green” agencies to share their ideas and thought. See it here. Grey New York also has something similar.

The company is offering water from dispensers rather than having bottled H2O in the office. They will also be switching to recyclable brown cardboard for thousands of their presentation boards, rather than using foam core mounting. It’s challenging employees to beat last year’s recycling record and to develop new ways to reduce paper copies. During special “Garden Days,” employees will be encouraged to collect leftover art materials and scraps for aspiring young artists.

Yeaaah… we’re sure that the comment section is going to be rife with remarks on how they could do more, greenwashing, etc. We applaud any agency who is trying to practice what they preach. Let’s hope the Chief Gardner, Mark Bellissimo, can get the agency truly sustainable.

What other agencies have dedicated green practices? Little help, please?