Brownstein’s Latest Project Includes a ‘Sopranos’ Reunion

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Ah yes, our old pal Alec Brownstein is at it once again in his post-agency career, this time tackling scripted comedy he’s dubbed “Forever Wrong.” Now that he’s played office mischief-maker, the former Y&R creative has moved on to write, direct and co-create a show that stars a half-goblin named “Bernie,” who’s been dealing with immortality for 400 years in all the wrong ways.

If you’re not a Sopranos diehard like yours truly, Bernie is played by Will Janowitz, the co-creator of the show who played Meadow Soprano’s boyfriend Finn on the HBO show. As you’ll see, even Meadow herself, or Jamie Lynn-Sigler rather, does her part in “Forever Wrong” as do other bit Sopranos players. Feel free to point them out if you can. Anyhow, it’s an interesting evolution for Brownstein, who after leaving his senior copywriting gig at Y&R New¬† York last summer, has evolved from t-shirt maker to TV show runner. Best of luck in the network pitches, dude.