Big Spaceship, Organic Valley ‘Bake Like No One’s Watching’

By Erik Oster Comment

Big Spaceship recently concluded its holiday “Bake Like No One’s Watching” campaign for Organic Valley with the release of the 20-second “Whip Cream Taste Test.”

Like its predecessors, “Game Face” and “Cookie Perfection,” the spot mines goofy humor exploring the kinds of things you (should) only do when baking alone. In this case, that means taste testing whip cream via the faceplant method. The other spots presented an alternate use of butter and a favorable self-evaluation of a batch of cookies. Following last year’s “Butter Season” campaign, while retaining that tagline and hashtag, the spots are quick and entertaining, although they don’t do much to suggest why viewers should choose Organic Valley over other products. The spots were published on the brand’s social media pages, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, as well as a campaign landing page. To further extend the campaign, Big Spaceship also created cinemegrpahs and GIFs from the video content.