Biegel Has Got Balls

By SuperSpy Comment


Just buckle down folks. It’s true. You’re going to be hearing about the Dentsu V. Biegel case for the next year at least. The latest comes from AdAge who is says that Steven Biegel is shifting his attack from forced brothel visits to faith-based discrimination. The former Dentsu creative director has always claimed that his received the short end of the stick at Dentsu for being Jewish colleagues, but is now claiming that “such bias persists within Dentsu’s ranks, particularly against Denstu America’s president, Doug Fidoten.” Doug is second from the left in the picture above.

Lord (pun intended), Biegel’s got some balls. “Defendants have openly discussed firing Mr. Fidoten, as well as removing his responsibilities,” Mr. Biegel said in the statement. “Mr. Fidoten is quite literally a token Jew, presented as a fig leaf to hide the simple fact that Mr. Andree and his fellow gentile managers have in one year eliminated every Jew in the creative department at Dentsu. Even though he remains technically employed as Dentsu’s president, in reality, he has been stripped of his powers. … Mr. Fidoten himself has become aware of his precarious position, and has been talking to others in the industry about the possibility that he may lose his job.”

We’re just biting our nails in anticipation for a statement from Fidoten. Doug lives on the Upper West Side. Maybe we’ll truck up there and get the darn statement ourselves. We can’t wait. Honestly.