Bi-Coastal Prodco Unveils Epic Doc for Gaming Brand, 2K

By Kiran Aditham Comment

San Francisco/Brooklyn-based production company Story Developing has teamed up with host, Machinima, to unveil a new film for gaming publisher, 2K, that’s essentially a 60-minute advertisement disguised as a documentary. In what should appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers, emerging artists and the like, the film follows the story of a handful of college students who are vying for internships at 2K, the Novato, CA-based brand that’s known for titles like the NBA 2K series and Borderlands. 

Anyhow, this ideal-for-lunchtime doc not only follows our 2K hopefuls, but also features a host of interviews with industry folks, 2K execs and the students themselves who offer their thoughts on the evolution of gaming and the impact it’s had among other tidbits. The folks at Story Developing claim this film just might be a prime example of “a brand blurring the lines between creativity and advertising.” Well, perhaps, but at the least it might just inspire some budding artists looking to make some inroads into the gaming world. By the way, kudos on kicking things off with a little old-school Super Mario action. The trailer’s above, but if you have the time, you can check out the full-length doc dubbed The Art of the Game after the jump.