Behold: The Greatest Craigslist Car Ad Ever

By Bob Marshall Comment

You may have seen this ad bouncing around Jalopnik, Digg and a host of other sites lately. But, we figure a digital ad of this quality deserves applause from the advertising industry. In fact, the tipster who recently sent us this said, “Everyone who’s in advertising should quit. The best ad that will ever be created … has just been created.” Maybe that’s a little extreme, but we encourage you to one-up this work of art.

The ad posted on Craigslist has it all, from engaging header copy (“Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ”) to a compelling price point (over $199K off the original asking price) to compelling statistics (1995 was a banner year for Pontiac). Jalopnik has an interview with the two men behind the ad, the car’s seller Joe Strachila and the art director/copywriter Kyle Miller. According to the interview, Miller is in marketing, but declined to disclose his employer “to protect my company from the blasphemy that’s been blasted all over the Internet.” The number on the ad is a suburban Seattle area code, so feel free to speculate who this Kyle Miller fellow might be. He’s due a Cannes Cyber Lion.

Strachila’s mailbox is understandably full, but as of yesterday, he’s been weeding through the various calls and texts he’s received to see who actually wants to buy the car. Looks like the broken gasket isn’t going to be much of a problem. See the full-sized ad after the jump, and be humbled at what a host of other agencies with a giant budget can’t seem to do with their own auto accounts.