Asics, Foot Locker Tap Graffiti Artist for Manhattan Storefront Installation

By Bob Marshall Comment

Continuing today’s theme of people paintin’ on stuff, Asics and agency Vitro commissioned California-by-way-of-South Africa graffiti artist Pinky Taylor to gussy up the window display of the 34th St. Foot Locker in Manhattan. Taylor, known for his colorful work in the surf and skate markets, hand-painted over 500 individual pieces as part of the installation called “Color That Runs,” elements of which can be seen at over 500 Foot Locker stores around the country through the end of the month.

While I don’t know much about what’s been going on behind the scenes at Vitro, I can tell you that it seems their seemingly endless supply of engaging, innovative work for Asics over the past year is indicative of the kind of agency/client partnership that most of us could only dream of having. From simple yet jaw-dropping TV spots to hyper-sharable digital content, I would wager that the shoe brand couldn’t be happier with their agency’s ability to seamlessly integrate campaigns across media channels. Sure, I may be going a little overboard here. but in Vitro’s case, I think it’s merited.

Read more about the campaign here, and view some detailed close-ups of “Colors That Run” after the jump.