Art Director Kickstarts an App to Keep Creative Types Organized

By Bob Marshall Comment

Former Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener (always funny) art directo , Keith Turner, who’s racked up over 20 years in the ad biz, is here with “Keep It Together,” a new quite visually involved web app.

What “it” is Turner trying to keep together? Well, as anyone in advertising (or the business world) knows by the giant portion of their day spent looking and random shit on the internet, it’s hard to keep track of all of the useful information amidst photos of Corgis snuggling with kittens. “Keep It Together” helps weed that stuff out, allowing users to organize fragmented information into a cohesive whole.

On the project’s Kickstarter page, Turner gives examples of how is app would depict the information of a writer, and artist, an agency creative and a producer. Turner has about 23 days to collect $50,000 (he’s at a little over $1500 now), so if you feel like your professional life would benefit from a little organization, send him a couple bucks.