Anonymous ‘Ad Professional’ Takes Issue with Sorrell in Open Letter

By Kiran Aditham Comment

It seems as of late that our tips box has evolved into a soapbox of sorts and just like our frustrated job seeker from earlier this year, someone else is using it for a different purpose altogether by penning an angry letter, this time to none other than WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell. It reads verbatim:

“Dear Sir Sorrell, You have recently claimed global creative is not bland, and offer your recent automotive executions as proof. I’m here to tell you, your global car ads make me want to vomit in my mouth. And your “global” approach to advertising is doomed to failure. The only people who actually believe in globalism are hippy-dippy New Agers and the global elites. For the global elites, of which you are one, Globalism is 1. A means to further commodify the human soul. 2. Outsource all labor to the lowest bidder. For you in particular, you push Globalism so you can browbeat your creative teams into pooping out mindless client-friendly crap, then you serve it up to your clients with a bow on top called “Global concept.”

Around the world, the vast masses of which you have such a low opinion do NOT consider themselves a global family, and actually perceive globalism as a threat to their identity. That doesn’t mean they’re xenophobes. It [means] that they are unique individuals who want to be a part of small groups that share their values. Which means, they’re going to be most attracted to brands that speak to their culture, their goals, and their aspirations. And they’re not going to be impressed with your “global” milquetoast nonsense for your client, nor should they be. But in the end, you really don’t care about helping your clients succeed. You just want to poop out mindless crap and cash your checks. And when it wrecks our industry, you’ll just shrug and retire to your megayacht. Screw you.

Sincerely, An ad professional with a soul.”

What our scribe is referring to are the recent comments Sorrell made during the unveiling of WPP’s first global campaign for Ford. It’s easy to assume that this could just be the ramblings of a bitter ex-WPP employee, but that would be too easy now, wouldn’t it? Care to respond, Sir Martin?