And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

Yo ho ho and 17 bottles of rum, the holidays are officially all up on this b. New York is awash with hustlers and ball-bustingly mad holiday shoppers. You’re clients are on your neck for end of year reports and all you can think about is adorning your tree, which is sexual innuendo for whatever you do at home, alone, for the 5 minutes before you go to bed, alone. Did I mention the loneliness? Well we’re here to keep you company, with this week’s video recapitulation.

5. Star motha-fucking Trek. The first in this reborn series left us with a worm-hold induced scenario that left the world of Los Trek open to new and interesting opportunities! Like going Into Darkness, which is the title of film 2, which you can now watch the trailer for thanks to me.

4. Remember that cute little lamp that opens Pixar movies? Originally, that was the demo video used by Pixar to convince investors to invest in the company. Today we share with you the video of an actual lamp that acts just like that dog-like digital animation we all know.

3. Ya like digs? Yea, you like digs. So does Mini Cooper, so they teamed up with New Zealand’s SPCA to create this awesome thing where dogs drive cars.

2. LOOK AT THIS INSTAGRAM! Nickelback and Instagram get simultaneously ripped in this parody clip from College Humor that you’ve undoubtedly seen by now but if you haven’t watch it so you can later shame your famous Instagram friends who you secretly are jealous of for taking such compelling imagery with their goddamn phone and why can’t I do that.

1. Jimmy Fallon. Mariah Carey. Questlove + The Roots. All they want for Christmas is for Mariah not to eat them alive before this song is over.