And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

5. Ladeez! You’re smart, so why aren’t more of you engineers? That’s a question asked by the founder of Goldieblox, a new game + reading educational fun thing that aims to teach young girls the virtues of building simple machines, aided by books – because adolescent gals love to read. File this under inspiring individuals who are helping change the world through fun activities.

4. YouTube is a land of mystery, but sometimes the best videos are the simplest ones. The ones that make you wonder why you didn’t think of that. Here for your glory is a puppet singing LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis improvising, combined to create something new and fresh.

3. Speaking of fresh, neither A) zombie movies nor B) zombies are fresh. They are decayed and gross. But add a dash of Brad Pitt and a pinch of super-insane behavior to your zombie movie, and you’ve got a refreshed theme that will make you go to the movies and shell out your cash. Here’s the new trailer for World War Z. The zombies are fast.

2.Just when you thought jet skis and water sports (not that kind) couldn’t get any more fun, the guys who made the jet propulsion water jetpack thing went ahead and turned the concept into a business. Watching this video is not optional.

1. Science! It’s America’s greatest allergy, but also it’s how you got up that elevator this morning. And it makes your phone work, so, it’s legit. That being the case, it’s worrisome that our educational system doesn’t teach certain sciences using up to date info. Case in point, physics, which for high school students stopped learning in the late 1800s. Read: your science lessons didn’t include most of what we know about physics from the last 150 years.