And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

Thank you, oh wise and great Winter Storm Nemo, for providing so many of us with early leave from our cubed offices. Your gracious winds and ample snows will prompt our rich, a-hole leadership to bail early for a ski-weekend, leaving the rest of us to do the work. Sure, this is no different than usual, but now we’ll be more drunk – on the CD’s private stash of booze and supplements. The storm’s coming, so settle in to this week’s best videos, according to me.

5.This Sunday brings the mid-season return of The Walking Dead. To all you posers out there who haven’t read all 96 of the comics, know that what you’re missing is so much more gruesome and terrible than the show could ever be. Nonetheless, this Grand Central installation that counts down the days to the premier by way of giant rotting zombie fingers is worth note. The zombies are a nice touch, if not brother-in-law-creepy. The video only has 2,051 views, but the idea’s got legs that could out run a zombie herd any day of the Apocalypse.

4. Eyes, prepare thyselves for moisture-shedding. Here, watch as little Liam tries out his 3D printed, free prosthetic hand. Made by the internet, this little guy’s robo-hand is immediately improving his life. Yes, it kind of looks like that T2 thing we all had as kids, except Liam’s probably lets you flip the bird without popping a blood vessel in your eye. At 117,539, we’re glad to see Liam’s new prosthetic doing well.

3.Remember K’NEX? They’re those Lego-like building toys that included stick-like pieces and at the end of the day was too damn complicated so let’s just play Duck Hunt. The dad of this little piglet found a new use for his K’NEX, building a wheel-chair for the little oinker (named Chris P. Bacon, btw). See, Chris doesn’t have hind legs. At the time of the video, Chris was 10 days old and already he was figuring out how to get around. At 279,111, Chris is on his way to becoming the internet’s most delic…er….beloved piggy.

2. For brands that excel in the content game, there comes a point when they are so good you want to punch them in the neck, temporarily paralyzing them. Why are these clients so awesome? How do they constantly push the entire pallet of envelopes? I HATE MY LIFE. Red Bull is the king of this phenomenon, to the point that they don’t even have to do anything now to be awesome – just tap the pencil a few times and BOOM, the rhythm of their formula-1 design team comes to life. 1,091,156 views later, this is not even close to a huge win for the brand, it’s like a Tuesday afternoon’s work.

1.DAVIDBECKHAMINHISUNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s be honest, he needs to work on those abs, by doing you in your brain (if you like that kind of thing). 3,215,776 – have a fun weekend in your brain.