And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

Damn, it’s cold! On chilly Fridays before long weekends, when your ECD is half way out the door, there’s really only one thing to do. Sit back, relax, and watch Toy Story – the version made shot for shot with real toys. Or get a taste for the newest Sim City game. That and much more shall keep you entertained while your soul withers away in agony.

5. NBC has a little segment called “Ask Tina.” This week’s episode is about Twitter, and Fey opines that anyone who want so to use the service should have to get a license – and she’d like to be the commissioner. This is actually not a bad idea since, as she notes, Twitter is mostly boring as hell. With just 143k views, this one comes at number 5 for being worth a few yucks.

4. Here’s the SimCity Game Intro trailer you’ve been waiting for. The much anticipated game comes out March 5th and lets you build everything necessary for a city to flourish, including an electrical grid and asshole drivers. 150k views brings this piece in at number 4.

3. Here’s a 6 minute sci-fi short called R’ha, by a young 20-something director. On an alien ship we find our hero being tortured by artificial intelligence. A battle of minds ensues, and soon we learn just enough about why these two are at odds. It’s compelling and basically the same plot as the Matrix, kind of. This one’s a Vimeo staff pick, so you know it’s good.

2. Got an hour and twenty minutes to spare? Then this live action remake of Toy Story, produced shot for shot using real toys, should fill that space of time nicely. With 6 million views already, I guess some people really are easily amused.

1. Bad lip-reading took on the NFL this week. It could only be better if one of the lines was “I had a fake girlfriend but she died.” Too soon? 11 million views yo. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to keep it real.