And Now, Your Top Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

Aw hell yeah, it’s Friday. Time to get your meatball on. But first, how about some Alan Watts powered inspiration? Dude knows how to stir up a ruckus, and by that I mean deliver a message so obvious I wonder why you ad kids didn’t think of it sooner. Then you’ll see the mystery of Honey Boo Boo, as read by Christopher Walken. I call him that cuz we’re bros. Sup Chris. Let’s go get it.

5.  Ever seen those kids on mountain or BMX bikes doing cool tricks? Yeah, well here’s a guy doing crazy stunts on a damn road bike. Now that’s what I call disrupting the status quo.

4. Note to self: buy more bananas. If you know your Chris Walken references, that’s the one from the time Kevin Pollock, who does a mean Walken impersonation, called Walken in Walken’s voice and left a voicemail to buy more bananas. Anyway, that’s not what you’re seeing today – rather, it’s the CW reading Mama Boo Boo. So good.

3. There was a firefight! Not really, it was more like a trailer for the Gangster Squad film that’s starring OMG OMG OMG Ryan Gosling and some other people. Really, it’s just epic.

2. If you don’t love Rob Riggle in everything he does, I hate you. If you do love him, here he is being a Frankenass on Halloween, in a clip that promotes Chipotle’s $2 burrito (after 4 pm) on Halloween deal.

1. Enough of the fun stuff, it’s time to be inspired. For this week’s zen moment, here’s genius guy Alan Watts explaining how he guides students – by asking them to consider for a moment that money was no object, what would they do with their lives. The answer is compelling and you’ll probably want to quit your job after. Welcome!