Alex Bogusky Doesn’t Need Comments on His Blog, Thank You

By Kiran Aditham Comment

So, this little exchange happened yesterday which some of you may have missed. It’s of course in regards to Mr. Bogusky’s blog post regarding the CP+B/Burger King fallout. One of his lines of note within said post came at the end: “My guess is that CPB decided it was time to part with BK. It might have been a mutual decision in the end but my hunch is that they had too much creative integrity to do the kind of work the new BK team was asking for.”

While it’s easy to just shrug it off as a biased comment on the former Chief Creative Insurgent’s part, we’ve heard from several spies that Bogusky might actually be accurate in his comments (isn’t he still on the nameplate? Just saying). According to the grapevine, during retainer talks, it was CP+B that made the decision to say farewell to the fast food chain and not the other way around. Since they’re probably in several haters’ crosshairs at this point (actually, when are they not?), perhaps the Crispin camp could use the benefit of the doubt. However the he said-she said plays out, the quick, testy Twitter convo above just makes us grin for some reason.