Agency Tales: One Producer’s Air-Conditioned Nightmare

By Kiran Aditham Comment


Whenever we get a tip regarding a certain boss at a certain agency who’s being an asshole to his or her employees, it’s easy to just shove it into the blind item section and whip up a quick post since these things aren’t the easiest to verify and most of the time, it’s pretty subjective.

But in this case, we decided to dig in a bit more and try to get second opinions from other former employees who could verify what was being said by our original source, who alleges that this particular boss is “universally loathed” and several staffers have left because of this person over the past year.

So, we put out a few inquiries and someone finally stood up and had plenty to say about their time at this particular agency. Truth be told, there was little positive to be gleaned from the boss of our source’s department judging by the latter’s comments. Still, to protect the identities of all those involved, we’ve left out names, gender and major clients (yeah, we know it saps the fun out of it all). Read on after the jump for various assorted tidbits from this former employee (who in industry terms, let’s say, was a veteran) at this notable agency and draw your own conclusions on who they’re referring to.

By the way, we’re hoping to turn this into a weekly item, so if you feel like revealing your nightmarish agency experience, feel free to email us (and yes, it shall remain anonymous if you wish) at agencyspy [at] gmail dot com.

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-“It’s not a happy department and [he/she] is not a good boss. [He/she] doesn’t know how to manage people, has no presence in the ad community and has no relationship with anyone because [they’re] paranoid and secretive.”

-People who don’t know [him/her] thinks [they’re] just a normal [person]. [They play] one favorite and everybody else has to fend for the crumbs. [He/she’s] not a [person] you can speak to personally on any level. [He/she] doesn’t want to know you as a person, just to keep your mouth shut and get the job done. All [he/she] cares about is how they appear to upper management. [He/she] doesn’t want you to make [him/her] look bad. [They don’t] support you at all and the second [he/she] hears anything bad about you, [he/she] attacks you and it’s all your fault. To upper management, though, [he/she’s] all peaches n’ cream.”

-“[He/she’s] a short-sighted [person] with a hot temper. If you give [him/her] any sort of problem at all, [he/she] loses [his/her] temper and yells at you. But [he/she] has no ability to judge talent, [he/she] has no ability to assess what’s fair in [their] department. [He/she] thinks [he/she] can do whatever [he/she] wants and not give a shit about people’s feelings. Micro-manages and makes it worse when [he/she] should be taking macro view.”