Adidas Featuring David Beckham, Red, Meth, Some Girl… Yawn.

By SuperSpy Comment

Adidas is throwing a party. Well, a broadcast party anyways. It’s the brands 60th anniversary and their new spot smashes Katy Perry, Method Man, Kevin Garnett, Redman, the DMC (of Run) and David Beckham at a house party they would never be at. Check the video above. The ad was directed by Nima Nourizadeh, who did a nice job, with music remixed by Pilooski.

Love the feeling of a house party. Love to see it captured on tape.
Simon Atkins, director of U.S. marketing for Adidas said: “It’s a house party and everyone’s invited.”

Yeah, but – when our you guys going to throw the real version, y’know for the real originals? The kids making art on the street ad the 30 year olds coding us into the future? Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created this one dimensional global campaign. We’re not impressed.

Where’s the party where I can get some kicks, dabble in originality and alter them on the spot? Anyone recall the brilliance of the Adicolor campaign? Where’s my free beer and opportunity to be actually, original? The celebrity hype-machine is gettin’ old, yo. The concept of originality could be so much bigger than this. Sigh.

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