Absolut Closes Out Cee Lo Series


By Kiran Aditham

Sadly, our Cee Lo/Absolut coverage has now come to an end. We know, folks, we know, wipe away those tears. Anyhow, the vodka brand and collaborator Fader have unveiled part two of their Facebook-based campaign starring the ubiquitous Cee Lo Green. In this final installment (seems like it’s taken forever, no?) directed by Hudson Dusters, the artist and co-host of The Voice parties in L.A. in slo-mo with Absolut flowing and then talks about the recording and instant success of arguably his biggest song, “Fuck You,” which unfortunately gets censored in this clip repeatedly right at the hook. Ah well, at least the parties involved got to convey that the man’s got some personality and heart despite the PG presentation, though we think he’s dangerously close to being overexposed at this point.