W+K Amsterdam Is Helping Médecins Sans Frontières Raise More Money From Young People

Crowdfunding campaign for French nonprofit

Millennials want to feel like they're making a difference in the world, donating to worthy causes or buying responsibly made products. But it never hurts to give them something in return for their money and time. The French humanitarian medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières, which delivers emergency aid to those in need, created an online crowdfunding platform to raise 1 million euros in 60 days.

One of the organization's major hurdles is that as an independent organization, it needs donations to help its volunteers save lives in areas where natural disasters have occurred or wars have broken out. MSF tapped Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to help. The agency built a fundraising platform along with a larger campaign for the nonprofit, that encourages people between the ages of 18 and 35 to donate money.

"Online being the millennial's playground, establishing a crowdfunding platform struck us as the smartest way to reach them digitally and, Wieden being Wieden, we're doing it in a creative and entrepreneurial way," said Thierry Albert, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam's creative director, "two elements that align with MSF's spirit and resonate with this younger audience, an audience who want more than just the old-school donation mechanic." 

Depending on the donation level, the platform offers 20 different rewards. And the rewards are different from the typical pins or bumper stickers. At each level, the giver will receive items including exclusive apparel from French brands Maison Kitsuné or Paris Nord, or experiences like dinner with one of the organization's doctors returning from the field. Each item or experience is also being donated by an independent brand or person.

"By offering unique rewards from supercool independent partners, the platform allows them to play an active role in helping MSF's mission, both via their donation itself and by engaging with their reward, whether that be enjoying a one-off experience like having dinner with doctors back from their missions abroad or wearing a limited-edition piece of apparel like a Maison Kitsuné's Allepin T-shirt," Albert said.

Here's a full list of exclusive offers, which you can also take a look at on the platform:

  • Personalized 'Thank You' video from comedians Mathieu Madénian et Thomas VDB, 10 euros
  • Cat calendar, shot by Svetlana Valuyskaya, 20 euros
  • Box of designer plasters designed by artist duo Mryzk & Moriceau, 30 euros
  • MSF sings your praises to the person of your choice, 40 euros
  • 'Move Your Ass' underwear by Breakfast Club Paris, designed by street artist Fafi, 45 euros
  • Set of three enamel badges designed by artist Georgia Perry, 60 euros
  • T-shirt dedicated to the people of Alep by Maison Kitsuné, 80 euros
  • Personalized tweet by French Comedian, Serge le Mytho, 125 euros
  • SAWA 'Walk The Talk' sneakers, designed by artist Tyrsa, 160 euros
  • Shandor silk scarf designed by artist Sanghon Kim, 180 euros
  • Sweatshirt dedicated to the refugees of 'Calais Nord' by Paris Nord, 185 euros
  • Poster designed, numbered and signed by artist Combo Culture Kidnapper, 250 euros
  • Homecore reversible jacket with upcycled pockets from inflatable hospital fabric and unique serigraphy, 300 euros
  • Play Operation against YouTube sensation Latte Chaud, 350 euros
  • An MSF volunteer gets your name tattooed and you get a framed picture of it by war photographer Corentin Fohlen, 400 euros
  • Have dinner with a doctor returning from the field in Paris, Lyon or Marseille, 650 euros
  • Experience a Mass Causality Training in Brussels, 1,500 euros
  • Follow MSF action for one day with a team of Vice News journalists, 3,500 euros
  • Get a cake, an electric guitar signed by Muse and a personalized Facebook post for your birthday, 5,000 euros
  • Follow the journey of your donation. Participate in an MSF board meeting and fly to MSF advanced surgery hospital in Amman, 100,000 euros

The campaign also includes a 90-second film starring French actor Ahmed Dramé to raise awareness for the 60-day fundraising campaign.

"This is the first time we have created a campaign that is clearly aimed at engaging a younger audience and also the first time we go into a crowdfunding device," Mélanie Cagniart, Médecins Sans Frontières' director of fundraising, said. "We believe young people can feel very close to MSF's brand values, and that independence should speak to them." 

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