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Agencies Must Keep Talent Fulfilled and Engaged Here’s to the freaks

To help navigate the complex choice-based world of channels, tactics and trends that we all live in, I’ve recently been focusing on a simple concept that will be crucial to…

November 18 11:17PM

Razorfish Creates CMO and Chief Strategy Positions to Ramp Up Global Will Lidstone and Tim Perlstein get new titles

Razorfish has created both a chief marketing officer and a chief strategy officer position, respectively elevating William Lidstone, 41, and Tim Perlstein, 38, to the titles. The pair will report…

October 24 6:00AM

Brand Genius Was the Place to Be Scenes from the cool side of the rope

Capitale, the classic event space in New York, hosts its share of swish parties. But seldom was the house full of so much creativity as the night of Sept. 25 for Adweek’s…

October 6 10:37PM

Adweek Does Advertising Week [Video] What our staff made of last week's industry lovefest: the wins, the fails and the WTFs

Lisa Granatstein, Mike Shields, Tony Case, Emma Bazilian, Tim Nudd, Lucia Moses, Gabriel Beltrone and Andrew McMains offer up their thoughts on the Wins, the Fails and the WTFs of…

September 27 7:23PM

Adweek Does Advertising Week... What our staff made of last week's industry love in: the Wins, the Fails and the WTFs

What our staff made of last week's industry love in: the Wins, the Fails and the WTFs

September 27 5:42PM

Programmatic Still Small Potatoes at Most Agencies Only 5 cents per dollar spent, but hope is for big volume soon

Despite all the hype about programmatic advertising, most agency trading desks (which make it their business to be involved in the programmatic game) touch just five cents of every dollar their…

September 26 4:24PM

Marketers Agree: To Succeed in Mobile, Keep Consumers Top of Mind Panel discusses how to approach burgeoning ad vehicle

When it comes to mobile, brands need to keep the focus on consumers and creating real value, digital marketing experts said on Thursday at an Advertising Week panel moderated by…

September 26 3:51PM

Pepsi Going for More Speed, Less Data in Music Marketing How the brand pursues relevance and influence

For Pepsi's pop music marketing, keeping up is essential. "Our mission is to move at the speed of culture," said Bozoma Saint John, Pepsi's head of music and entertainment marketing, during…

September 26 2:32PM

Losing Talent Is What Keeps These CEOs Awake at Night How do you keep new blood amid fee cuts?

Asked today to identify the No. 1 threat to their businesses, the leaders of agencies and new technology companies differed a bit in their responses but overlapped on the issue…

September 26 1:06PM

What the Man Who Invented the Rolling Stones Can Teach You About Branding Image making by Andrew Loog Oldham

Andrew Loog Oldham, the manager and producer of the Rolling Stones from 1963 until 1967, still considers his work in branding the world's greatest rock band—he essentially built their image…

September 25 4:50PM

A-Listers Don't Sell Celeb Magazines the Way They Used To The bar is higher for cover subjects

Movie stars are no longer a sure thing for magazines anymore.   “The era of the A-List movie star is over,” People managing editor Larry Hackett said at Advertising Week today.…

September 25 3:38PM

Rivals Throw Water on Publicis Omnicom Merger CEOs from Havas, JWT question the deal's size, leadership

The Publicis Omnicom merger will create the biggest ad holding company in history, but is that a good thing? David Jones, global CEO of rival Havas, thinks not. “The complexity is…

September 25 2:42PM

Turning Celebrities Into Branded Cultural Currency New intellectual property models

Public-television purists, look away now: The PBS series Avec Eric which features Michelin three-star chef Eric Ripert was completely paid for by brands like the Ritz Carlton, Cayman Tourism Board…

September 25 1:07PM

Top Influencers Come Together for Advertising Week Panels and parties abound at 10th industry confab

Advertising Week is back for the 10th year, offering up the promise of interesting panels, cool parties and cutting-edge ideas. With a focus on hot industry topics such as digital…

September 25 11:26AM

Genius or Process? How Top Creative Directors Come Up With Great Ideas Strategies for making magic

It's a bit of a pointless exercise to ask creative people where they get their ideas. (As if they know.) What they can reveal, more reliably, are the processes, environments…

September 25 8:36AM

Yahoo's Mayer Sees Mobile Ads Following Search Business Medium warrants reinvention, but has vast potential

In an online ad industry slightly panicked over the puny prices being derived from mobile ads, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sees an interesting, and very hopeful, parallel.  During an interview with…

September 24 5:23PM

Native Seen as 'Salvation' for Ad Woes Media heads discuss need for ads to innovate

Native advertising may be old advertorials in new cloth, but formats like it are necessary to publishers’ survival, media CEOs said at an Advertising Week panel today. “The salvation of advertising…

September 24 2:44PM

What Paul Venables Learned from Maya Angelou Creative chiefs compare notes on how to lead

Being a creative leader means taking a bullet for an underling and identifying other leaders. Rarely does the job involve actually making ads, but it’s healthy to do a bit…

September 24 1:57PM

What Creatives Can Learn From Great Ideas That Go Terribly Wrong JWT panel fails harder

It's an established truism among creative people that you have to fail—and learn from those failures—in order to succeed. But is this really true? And what do you learn, exactly,…

September 24 11:00AM

Do This to Make College Kids Remember Your Ad They like ads that make them laugh and value companies that give back, study says

If you want to get into college kids' limited coffers, you might want to make them LOL. Eighty percent of higher-education students remember ads that make them laugh, says research…

September 24 11:00AM