What Are the Most Anticipated Movies of 2017?

The top 10 based on online chatter

Here in Chicago, it's beginning to get consistently cold. We've got that drab, gray thing going on that will be the default status until, roughly, March. We're getting to the…

Domino's Made a 'Wipeable' Adult Onesie, So You Can Get Pizza All Over Yourself While Eating

Innovation from fashion designer Charlotte Denn

Want to attack your pizza like a Neanderthal, but worried about getting sauce all over your fancy clothes? Domino's has the perfect gag garment for you. Just in time for New…

Duracell Saved a Lot of Tears by Delivering Free Batteries to Midwest Families on Christmas Eve

That drone might fly after all

It merits studying how many kids (and adults) cried this weekend because Santa forgot to pack batteries to go with the drone, or those creepy Hatchimals. We hate batteries. More than…

Emotional Abuse Is Hiding in These Clever Ads That Say Different Things at Different Angles

Women's Aid work is worth a double-take

In 2015, Women's Aid released "Look at Me," a digital billboard where the bruises on a woman's face faded when more bystanders looked at her. Created by WCRS, it was a…

Superheroes, Models and Lobsters: The 10 Most Memorable Movie Campaigns of 2016

The year's best use of platforms, tactics and simply cool creative

We've come to the end of another year, friends. Which means it's time to look back and evaluate what happened in the movie marketing world over the past 12 months. There…

The 50 Most Read AdFreak Stories of 2016

Our top posts, from Louise Delage to 'Ask for Angela'

As we wind down for the holidays, we're looking back at the stories that were most popular among readers over the course of the year. Here are the 50…

Santa Abducts and Tortures a Single Mother in 2016's Weirdest Christmas Ad

Russian spot is met with outrage

A bizarre Christmas commercial from Russia is under fire for showing Santa Claus trying to teach a single mother a lesson in being a better parent—by abducting her and dragging…

This Women's Choir Bleats Out Goat Versions of Christmas Carols for a Good Cause

ActionAid's follow-up to 'All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat'

It isn't easy refreshing your Christmas music playlist. A worthy original with just the right mix of novelty and nostalgia is hard to find.  But last year, giving contenders a run…

This Agency Made an App That Lets Your Cat Take Its Own Selfies

Smile, you're on Candid Catmera!

All in all, cats are pretty clueless. Show them some pixelated fish, mice and treats, and they'll jab their fangs right against the digital screen and try to take a…

How 2 Data Pros Became Friends by Exchanging Data Visualizations of Their Lives on Postcards

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec's delightful 'Dear Data'

Data can be seen as an abstraction at best, or at worst, a way to introduce the robotic quality of programmatics into creativity. We might associate it with digital's way…

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