This Documentary About Rick Ross Is Actually a Pretty Impressive Ad for Checkers

Buying a franchise, then selling a story

It's not often you get to realize a childhood dream. And rapper Rick Ross just bought his—a Checkers franchise in his hometown, Carol City, Florida. Curiouser still, the purchase has led…

Elton John Wants You to Make the Official Music Video for One of His 1970s Classics

Hold us closer, tiny dancer

What if Elton John asked you to make the official music video for "Rocket Man," "Tiny Dancer" or "Bennie and the Jets"? That's exactly what just happened. Except he's not…

Eat a Snickers or Risk Becoming a Frozen Husk of Your Former Self, Candy Bar Warns

Latest ad from Impact BBDO

When your scruffy, half-frozen future self travels back in time with a message of life-changing import, what are you going to do? Scarf down a Snickers, of course! That's the plot of…

Breaking Bad Fans Lose Their Minds as Gus Fring Returns in Ad for Los Pollos Hermanos

Delicious fake commercial for Better Call Saul

From its inception, AMC's Better Call Saul has indulged in fake ads starring characters from the Breaking Bad prequel—beginning with the Albuquerque billboard from the summer of 2014 showing Bob…

A24 Drops Untitled Trailer for Mysterious, Reality-Bending Movie

Cryptic missive from 'our near future'

Yesterday, A24—the studio behind recent eccentric word-of-mouth-driven movies like The Lobster, Moonlight and Swiss Army Man—released a mysterious trailer. Listed simply as "Untitled," there's little else that's known about the movie,…

New York Lottery Winner Walks Rescue Dogs in McCann's Goofy, Goodhearted Pitch

Games are now about giving back, if you buy it

Winning the lottery doesn't just mean you can live that gaudy and gilded lifestyle you've always wanted. It means you'll finally have time for all that super-important charity work you've…

Anti-Violence Ads Pop Up in Specific Helsinki Neighborhoods Within Hours of 911 Calls There

Hyperlocal, reactive posters from TBWA

If domestic violence seems like an abstract phenomenon, this TBWA campaign from Finland will remind people that it's happening right on their doorstep. TBWA launched an outdoor campaign for the Helsinki…

Angel Soft Continues to Build Ads Around Quiet, Relatable Moments in People's Lives

Toilet paper brand's new 'Be soft. Be strong' spots

There's a grown man loitering outside the women's room, but he's no creep. He's a single dad waiting for his young daughter. And a few years later, that same guy…

ESPN Anchors Can't Pull Off This NBA Star's Signature Style in New SportsCenter Ad

Draymond Green versus the fakers

ESPN takes note of the trend toward outlandish pre-game outfits in the NBA with the latest spot in its "This Is SportsCenter" series.  The ad opens with Golden State Warriors star…

Microsoft Finds Its Latest Inspiration in This All-Deaf High School Football Team

What's in a playbook?

During this weekend's NFL playoffs on NBC, Microsoft debuted "Football, Teamwork and Technology," an ad featuring the Eagles, the California School for the Deaf's football team.  "We're a brotherhood, we're a…

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