Are Brands Ruining SXSW or Making It Better? We Asked Attendees [Video]

The answer might surprise the cynics out there

South by Southwest is turning 30 this year. The festival is known as a place where creatives—in music, film, marketing and branding, and more—can come to promote their work. It's…

It's a Week Later. Do You Recall the Brands Behind These Famous Super Bowl Ads? [Video]

It might be harder than you think

Remember those amusing Super Bowl commercials from a week ago? Sure you do. Remember the brands behind them? Well, not so fast.  A week after Super Bowl 50, we caught up…

Supercut: All the Ads From Super Bowl 50 in Just 2.5 Minutes [Video]

This year, everything was talking

It's Monday, the day after Super Bowl 50, and we're still trying to make sense of the commercials. We literally saw it all, from a curious spot about opioid induced…

Animals or Celebrities? Super Bowl Viewers Pick Their Favorite Commercial Stars [Video]

Which are more memorable?

When you're spending roughly $5 million for a 30-second spot, like advertisers for this year's Super Bowl are, you want it to be something people remember. With that in mind,…

Take a Look Inside the Workshop Known for Turning Holiday Windows Into Spectacles

Spaeth Design is in the business of cheer

Every year by mid-November retailers reveal—with ever-increasing pomp and circumstance—their holiday displays, hoping consumers will journey to the stores to see the windows in person. For thousands of families, going…

How to Buy Digital Video

Three major buyers offer their “do’s”

At Adweek's Executive Lab on YouTube & Facebook in the Media Mix, sponsored by Pixability, three top investment executives from major media agencies shared their list of "do's" in planning…

We Got Hasbro's Weird Robot Cat and Worked Up the Courage to Play With It

Could this be what you buy Grandma for Christmas?

Last week Hasbro announced the release of Joy For All, a new series of companion pets meant for elder care. The robotic cats have built-in sensors that respond to motion…

The 25 Funniest Brand Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

For when you want a laugh and not a coupon

In 140 characters or less, brands on Twitter have given themselves a bad name. It's not exactly hard to understand why—from a series of Twitter missteps, to overused, lazy jokes…

Take a Video Tour of 72andSunny's Sprawling Space in Howard Hughes' Old Office

L.A. agency took over tycoon's aircraft HQ

When American business tycoon, inventor and filmmaker Howard Hughes headquartered Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles' Playa Vista neighborhood, he probably couldn't have imagined that it would someday become home to…

Meet the Ridiculously Cute Pets That Come to Work at L.A.'s Canine-Crazy Ad Agencies

Going to the dogs

Striking that perfect work-life balance can be quite the challenge for those of us with little ones at home, their slobbery faces pressed up against the window, waiting for mom…

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