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How Refinery29 and Lane Bryant Are Fighting Plus-Size Stereotypes in the Media

New project aims to include a broader range of women

More than 67 percent of women in the U.S. are considered plus size (size 14 and up) yet those women make up less than two percent of the images in…

The Official Name of Volkswagen's New Car Is a Hashtag: #PinkBeetle

Fuchsia model gets flashy debut

It's not every day that an automaker launches a new, brightly colored car based on social media demand. Or names the model after the hashtag that helped bear it. The 2017…

Hillary Clinton Releases a Powerful New Ad With Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado

The spot tells her story referenced in the debate

Monday night, during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it was no accident that Clinton pointed out Trump's treatment of Alicia Machado.  "One of the worst things…

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Revisit the 1991 Clio Awards, Advertising's Most Surreal Night

Funny Or Die skit re-enacts that evening's insanity

It remains the most notorious night in advertising history—June 13, 1991. The Clio Awards were scheduled to hand out their radio and print awards. But as Adweek later told the story,…

Katy Perry Votes Naked in Funny Or Die's 'Everyone Votes!' Campaign

But don't try this at home

You could probably use a little levity after last night debate's, so here's some political comedy from Katy Perry, who suggests that you vote in November no matter how you…

Airbnb Set Up Marnie the Dog in Her Very Own Pet-Friendly Beverly Hills Mansion

That bowl is worth more than your car

Travel can be rough on animals. So, to celebrate National Dog Week (Sept. 19-25) and promote its 600,000 pet-friendly homes, Airbnb shined a light on social media star Marnie the…

For Love or Money? One Couple Doesn't Have to Choose in This Lovely Spanish Lottery Ad

It's all destined in this fantastical tale

The lottery may not have much to do with fate, but it's a lot like love—if you don't play, you won't win, says a new ad from Spain. The three-and-a-half minute…

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Have Video, Will Travel: 5 Keys to Global Success

Here today, everywhere tomorrow

It's time to be thinking globally when it comes to digital video.

The Stars of Will & Grace Just Reunited for a Hilarious Pitch to Get You to Vote for Hillary

10-minute scene is delightful

Can Will and Grace convince you to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton this November?  A new mini-reunion episode of the sitcom that starred Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and…

How the Unlikely Alliance of Ovation's 'Versailles' and Fiat Benefits Both Brands

Creative thinking leads to seamless execution

There's a sexy, lavish new series coming to cable TV, set in the 17th century, that brings a distinctly modern style to the story of King Louis XIV and his…

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