This Colorado Agency Just Made 3 Strains of Marijuana Specifically for Ad People

Special cultivars for creatives, strategists and technologists

Need a little mind-altering inspiration in your advertising job? Colorado agency TDA_Boulder has just the thing—three new strains of marijuana designed to get agency creatives, strategists and technologists in the…

This Clothing Retailer Has the Perfect Fashions for When a Burning Piano Falls on You

Centrepoint outfits you again for existential doom

Last year, Middle Eastern clothing chain Centrepoint launched what surely ranks as the most existential retail campaign of all time. In "Sabotage," a charmingly fatalistic black-and-white spot from Impact BBDO…

McDonald's Poses the Existential Question: Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac?

Canadians are asked to weigh in

If you're the type of guy who drives your friends nuts by compulsively obsessing over minor details at lunch, then McDonald's has a deep existential dilemma for you.  In Canada, the…

Snoop Dogg Channels Frank Sinatra in JL's Latest Visually Stunning Ad for Adidas Originals

Snoop did it his way: Doggystyle

For its new, wildly impressionistic ad, Adidas Originals turned to two odd-couple musical icons who have always done things their way: Frank Sinatra and Snoop Dogg.  The larger Adidas brand's most…

Mozilla Open-Sourced Parts of Its New Brand Identity. Here's How That Went

Visual character with room for change

For the last six months, Mozilla has been working on a brand identity upgrade, and it's kept a running log of this process. But it also took it one step…

This Art Director Got Nowhere With His Agency Job Hunt, So He Pretended to Be a Client

He has seven interviews now

Agencies don't return emails and phone calls from random young creatives looking for work. They do return emails and phone calls from potential clients. August Laustsen, a young Danish art director…

This Video Game Ad Is the First Film in 14 Years From the Director of Die Hard

John McTiernan helms Ghost Recon spot

What happens when a group of heavily tattooed thugs, a precocious snow-white cat and a team of special ops assassins appear in the same ad? Don't fret—the feline emerges unscathed.…

Fantastic Beasts? You'll Find Plenty of Them in This Wild British Ad for Mitsubishi

A hybrid impresses its own kind

It's not often that Medusa shows up in advertising, much less accompanied by a chest-thumping minotaur, a metallic mermaid, an arrow-shooting centaur and a galloping Pegasus. So, this new U.K.…

This Popular Vlogger Died in a Shocking Car Crash Live on YouTube. Or Did She?

Ashley Waxman Bakshi's video raises troubling questions

You're watching your favorite beauty vlogger broadcast live as she drives her car around town. She looks away from the road to check her phone and read questions from fans. Suddenly,…

'I'm Alpha Male Adjacent.' Neil Patrick Harris on Why He's Still Doing Ads for Heineken Light

Actor begins 4th year of 'refined beverage hilarity'

It was back in the summer of 2014 that Neil Patrick Harris did his first ads for Heineken Light, via Wieden + Kennedy New York. From the beginning, the campaign…

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