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McCann London Gets Its Very Own Sneaker, Inspired by the Agency's Art Deco Building

Architecture for the feet, from Norman Walsh

In partnership with Norman Walsh, a British sports shoe brand, McCann London has created the Herbrand Seven-Eleven, a pair of sneakers inspired by the agency's own art-deco-style building at 7-11…

Old Spice Just Made Its Weirdest Commercial Yet, and That's Saying Something

Nick DenBoer jams two old spots into an insane remix

It's been more than six years since Old Spice advertising started getting very peculiar indeed, with help from Isaiah Mustafa and, particularly, Terry Crews. But Wieden + Kennedy Portland has…

Ad of the Day: Secret Took Viewers by Surprise With This Ad on 'The Bachelorette'

W+K highlights another stressful moment in a memorable way

The Bachelorette is a show with notoriously pretzel-like gender dynamics. On the one hand, the ABC dating program puts a woman in total control of the traditionally patriarchal dating structure—and undercuts…

Orbit Gum Gets Surprisingly Earnest in Aspirational 'Time to Shine' Ads by BBDO

Will a loftier message stick?

Here's a gum for people who feel they've bitten off more than they can chew. Wrigley's Orbit is rolling out a new campaign tagged "Time to Shine," a shift from the…

Dollar Beard Club Takes Its Burly Show on the Road in This Two-Minute Riot of an Ad

Still making hairy men merry

"No, this isn't a fucking mirage; and yes, it starts at a buck a month." You might bristle at such language, but it's business as usual for Dollar Beard Club's mane…

P&G's Secret Takes on Young Women's Stresses, Beginning With the Wage Gap

W+K campaign connects 'stress sweat' to generational struggles

Procter & Gamble's Secret deodorant is launching an interesting campaign from Wieden + Kennedy that looks at larger, generational reasons why young women sweat—often because of political, gender-based struggles—and not…

Maya Rudolph Riffs on the Horrors of Non-Natural Soaps in Fun Ads for Seventh Generation

72andSunny's first work for the brand's main imprint

Laser-beam blue and spray-tan orange. Those are the scary shades of common household cleaning products that make Maya Rudolph uncomfortable, as she describes them in a new campaign for Seventh Generation. The…

Humans Imitate Animal Courtship Dances in This Funny, Oddly Beautiful Ad for Condoms

Sagami Original envisions primal acts of love

Sagami Original Condoms has filmed animal courtship rituals as performed by humans, and the results are both strange and seductive.  Talented dancers, dressed in the colors of the respective animals, do…

Feeling the Munchies at Night This Month? This Snack Brand Has Got Your Back

Granola offers a little #NightAssistance through April

Just in time for 4/20 (the unofficial holiday for lightin' a blunt), French biscuit maker Granola is taking on the munchies. "Late Night Drama" is an ad for Granola Night Assistance, which…

Will Depend's New Ads, Starring Real People, Finally Erase the Stigma of Incontinence?

Kimberly-Clark brand also partners with life coach Susie Moore

In general, there's a trend in advertising toward more straight talk when it comes to treatment of potentially embarrassing conditions. And now, adult incontinence category leader Depend is making a…