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Lammily, the Realistically Proportioned Doll, Gets Her Period … and a Strange Ad to Match

Cue the rapping parents

"The doll comes with pads? That's so weird." That's the opinion of the dad in the ad below, who likely echoes the view many parents will have when they hear that…

General Mills Will Introduce Gluten-Free Cheerios on the Emmys With This Very Sweet Ad

The product's story, from R&D to marketing

In early July, Cheerios started shipping gluten-free versions of five products. Now, the cereal brand has released an emotionally rich new ad from Saatchi & Saatchi, telling the story of…

These Print Ads Illustrate Clean Water in the Most Brilliantly Impressionistic Way

Lowe's award-winning Pureit work

The Pureit water purifier works so well that it can turn grimy canal water—or a murky rural stream—totally clear. At least, that's what Unilever's latest print campaign seems to say. In…

Pot Noodle Smashes Your Gender Stereotypes with This Unexpected Boxing Story

Inspiration meets humor

Pot Noodle is about to destroy your gender sterotypes, and you're going to love it. In fact, you'll want to watch it twice. The "You Can Make It" spot plays on…

Moleskine Celebrates Coke's 100th Anniversary with Beautifully Designed Notebooks

Need one with its own straw? You're in luck!

Moleskine, the makers of those sleek black journals that every aspiring poet in America seems to own, is doing its part to revel in Coca-Cola's centennial glory with limited-edition notebooks…

Fat- and Period-Shaming Collide in Easily the Year's Most Offensive Ad Aimed at Women

Got that 'jam donut' feeling?

Fat-shaming and period-shaming in a single commercial? J. Walter Thompson Melbourne has managed it, with predictably bad results, in this spot for Unicharm's SOFY BeFresh Pads. The ad is titled…

Older Women Tell Younger Ones How to Live a Life Without Regret in Lovely Skincare Ad

Sanctuary Spa's relaxing stand against burnout

Sanctuary Spa, a skincare brand in the U.K., conducted a survey that found a disturbing 40 percent of women feel ready to burn out at any moment. Maybe it's because 70…

A Breakfast Cereal Mascot in Drag Has Stolen the Heart of Newly Single Kermit the Frog

How quickly time heals

In the Israeli ad below, created by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Kermit the Frog sings a swinging love missive to Denis(e), the mascot for Unilever's Branflakes cereal. Branflakes is targeted to…

Ren & Stimpy Co-Creator Is Now Making Talking-Meat Cartoons for a Midwestern Grocer

The only Log here is made of wurst

If you can't find an immediate connection between St. Louis-based cured-meat maker Volpi Foods and Emmy-winning cartoonist Bob Camp, you're not alone. But if a century-old food company wants to…

Two Men Dressed as Turds Emerge From Butt to Tell You About Dude Wipes

Booming category's dirty work

UPDATE: A lawyer for Rob Dyrdek, who stars in the video below with Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, says it was made for Dyrdek's MTV show Fantasy Factory and was never…