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Infographic: How Tech-Savvy Shoppers Spend Their Time Online

They're 188% more likely to engage with brands in social

Each year, Dentsu's out-of-home agency Posterscope conducts its Outdoor Consumer Study that zeroes in on a range of sought-after demographics. Tech-savvy consumers—people who describe themselves as such, love to buy…

Visitors to This Open House in Canada Found an Elaborately Staged and Disturbing PSA

Seeing poverty with The Salvation Army

It was advertised like an ordinary real-estate open house, at a residence that looked fine on the outside. But when visitors came for a look inside, they got an eerie…

This Stroller Brand Made an Exact Adult-Size Replica So Parents Could Test-Ride It

Kolcraft puts you in the baby's seat

Every new parent probably wishes someone would come along and push them around in a stroller for a change. A few lucky moms and dads got to live that fantasy,…

Airbnb's Cool Retro Ads for the Brooklyn Half Marathon Ask You to (Gasp) Call This Number

Campaign by Collins calls on the NYC of yesteryear

Airbnb is going old school in its newest local campaign—promoting New York businesses with a phone tree. To support its sponsorship of the upcoming Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon, the hospitality tech…

TBWA Made a Provocative Floating Tribute to Syrian Refugees Who Died at Sea

200 gravestones in the water

Last month, more than 200 gravestones appeared in the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 meters off the Aegean coast of Turkey. Made of waterproof styrofoam that resembled marble, and anchored with…

Here's the Best Reason Yet to Put Cats on Every Ad Space in This London Tube Station

Animal rescue center Battersea gets involved

Hundreds of years from now, a new bionic race of human beings will look back on this moment—among other vestiges of our time—and conclude we all shared a god after…

Nike Is Giving Away Kyrie Irving's New Sneaker Boxed Up Like Krispy Kremes

He always had a sweet game

Kyrie Irving has an arsenal of secret tricks that make him great at basketball, but his latest reveal may be his most surprising edge yet—his own personal donut.  In a new…

Agencies on Canal Street Are Waging a Post-it-Note War, and It's Awesome

Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media and more

It started out, reportedly, with a single word: "HI." That was early last week. By the weekend, a full-blown Post-it note art war had erupted on Canal Street in New York…

JetBlue's Times Square Billboard Calculates Your Exact Travel Time to a Dream Destination

How much time have you got?

To push its JetBlue Card—and hopefully drive some impulse trip planning—JetBlue created a digital billboard that tells people standing in Times Square how quickly they can get to nicer climes,…

Johnny Depp Delights Disneyland Goers as the Mad Hatter on This Magical Live Billboard

Interactive stunt for Through the Looking Glass gives fans a thrill

Livestreaming is all the rage for brands, and Disney has unleashed one of the best live stunts yet, getting Johnny Depp to interact with fans as the Mad Hatter on…