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McDonald's Finally Selling Bottles of Big Mac Secret Sauce, but They're Going for $18,000

Worth it for some?

For a company no one actually likes, people sure are interested in McDonald's food. This interest often takes shape as vulgar curiosity and conjecture about specific menu items. I still…

Ad of the Day: Newcastle's 2016 Super Bowl Ad Teaser Is Here, and Whoa Is It Futuristic

Getting an early, early, early jump on the competition

We're still technically more than a year away from the 2016 Super Bowl, but the first ad teaser is here. And of course, it's from Newcastle Brown Ale. The brewer and…

SNL Shows Housewives All the Fun They Could Be Having While Not Watching the Super Bowl

Totino's activity pack for women

One of the things Saturday Night Live does best is skewer advertising tropes, so it's no surprise that in last night's pre-Super Bowl episode, the show did just that. With…

Totino's Beat Everyone to This Year's Super Bowl by Live-Tweeting It a Day Early

Not an accident, a stroke of genius

Brands will gather in their social-media war rooms tonight, still attempting to top Oreo's lightning-in-a-bottle template for real-time Super Bowl marketing. But in a sense, they've already lost. That's because…

McDonald's Unveils Endearing Super Bowl Ad, and Finally Reveals Its Mystery Currency

New way to pay

With no shortage of new advertising coming from McDonald's (for better or worse), it can't come as much of a surprise that it's joined the Super Bowl lineup, too. Following a…

Ad of the Day: Mountain Dew's Kickstart Turns Dudes Into the Craziest Dancers

Along with almost everything else in the house

Take a sip of a Mountain Dew Kickstart, and the world's greatest and strangest dance party will unfold. At least, that's what goes down in this very entertaining 90-second spot from…

Budweiser Unleashes Its 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Ad, Hoping to Catch Lightning Twice

Wayward puppy's latest adventure

Sequels are tough. For every Godfather Part II, there's a Godfather Part III. But Budweiser and Anomaly had such a big hit with "Puppy Love" on last year's Super Bowl,…

Newcastle Unveils Its Smorgasbord of a Super Bowl Ad, Featuring 37 Different Brands

Something for everyone in regional spot

Newcastle just released its "Band of Brands" regional Super Bowl commercial, and it turns out Jockey, Boost Mobile, Lee Jeans, Brawny and are among the recognizable brands—along with some…

Coca-Cola Targets Online Hate in Its #MakeItHappy Super Bowl Campaign

Kid President, Danica Patrick among stars of the teasers

If you've spent more than three seconds on the Internet, you know it can be a pretty horrible place, swarming with cyberbullies and trolls who've turned comment sections into rotting…

Wonderful Pizza Hut Ad Shows People Being Totally Disgusted by Its New Pizza

For these folks, it's an acquired taste

There's a brave niche approach in advertising where you show your audience just how much people despise your product. Laphroaig scotch has been doing this for while, turning its polarizing…