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Danny Trejo Is Marcia From the Brady Bunch in Snickers' Super Bowl Teaser

Mars brand sets contest for fans to see the full spot early

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Jan Brady would be shocked to see how grumpy her sister has become in Snickers' teaser for its Brady Bunch-themed Super Bowl ad. Indeed, she's so grumpy that…

Oreo Launches 'Play With Oreo' Campaign, Rolls Out Red Velvet Oreos for Valentine's Day

French electro-pop duo Yelle score first spot

Lots of big brands are all about distilling their essence down to a single basic universal theme. For Coca-Cola, it's happiness. McDonald's is trying to go with loving. And now…

Bud Light's Super Bowl Teaser Offers a Glimpse of Life-size Pac-Man Game

'Up for Whatever' ad ties in bottle messages

Waka waka waka. Bud Light on Friday released the 15-second teaser below for its upcoming 60-second Super Bowl commercial, in which—as promised—a man accepts a challenge to play a crazy, life-size…

Advertising Could Use Another Adorable Dog, Right? Sure It Could, Says Dr Pepper

Meet the mop

Deutsch LA unleashes some potent adorbs for Dr Pepper in this ad starring a super-shaggy "mop dog"—a Hungarian herding pooch known as a Puli with a dreadlock-style corded coat. Try as…

Tostitos' NFL Sponsorship Gets Salty and Cheesy With Eagles Coach Chip Kelly

He's not the league's official chip

Tostitos would like you to know that Chip Kelly, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, is not the official chip of the NFL—because Tostitos is. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is out…

Pepsi MAX Filled Up a Room With Ping-Pong Balls on Mousetraps, Then Threw Another Ball in There

Here's what happened

Following in the footsteps of other omnipresent consumer brands with something arty to prove, Pepsi MAX made a huge mess with mousetraps and Ping-Pong balls for a video it calls…

Take a Video Tour of Droga5's Offices, Easily the Coolest on Wall Street

Inside one of the first major shops in N.Y.'s Financial District

Recently, publishers started ditching their swanky Midtown New York offices for more cost-effective downtown digs. Now, it seems there's another shift happening as creative agencies join the migration. At the…

Aubrey Plaza and Newcastle Want a Ton of Small Brands to Buy a Super Bowl Ad Together

Because what could go wrong?

Newcastle Brown Ale keeps finding new and interesting ways not to appear on the Super Bowl. This year it's already tried crashing the Doritos contest (sort of). And now it's…

Was McDonald's 'Signs' Ad on the Golden Globes Inspiring or Abominable?

Not everyone was lovin' it, to put it mildly

McDonald's really wants people to think it cares about community. But go figure, not everyone is convinced. The brand's new ad from Leo Burnett, which aired Sunday during NFL games and…

Ad of the Day: NHL Pros Surprise Sled Hockey Players for Gatorade

It's back to school for the stars

For anyone who thinks playing ice hockey strapped into a sled is easier than playing it standing up, Gatorade would like to set the record straight. Last August, the sports brand…