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Can McDonald's Turn an Awkward Blind Date Into Something That's Actually Fun?

Burnett tries fast-food rom com

McDonald's won't just sate your hunger and comfort you when you're down. It will actually save your aborted love life. Or so claims a new U.K. ad from Leo Burnett London.…

Southern Comfort Wants You to Tan Your Giant Belly (and Your Lemonade) This Summer

Getting even more comfortable

The hirsute, rotund free spirit from Southern Comfort's famous "Beach" ad in 2012 may have been harboring a dirty secret—his famous tan might have been at least partly self-inflicted—judging by…

Trussardi Designed These Fashionable Cans and Bottles for Coca-Cola's 100th Birthday

A summer of cool

It's been a full century since Coca-Cola approved the Root Glass Company's contour bottle design that would become the soft drink brand's trademark. So, to pat themselves on the back,…

Finlandia Packs 1,000 Years of Offbeat Inspiration Into One Crazy Ad

Combined wisdom from very unlikely endorsers

Finlandia is gunning hard for the title of most inspirational vodka commercial ever. A new two-and-half-minute ad, "1,000 Years of Less Ordinary Wisdom," features offbeat heroes like a drag wrestler and…

Heineken's New Legend Leads a Romp Through the Parisian Underground

W+K rolls out 'The Insider'

Men who drink Heineken are still going on wild romps through the world's most colorful cities, but now one is leading a gaggle of clueless tourists as well. In this new…

Pro Athletes Go Way Back in Time to Hype the Ultramodern Sports Drink BodyArmor

Not your grandfather's thirst quencher

BodyArmor fields an impressive lineup in "This Is Now," a commercial that positions the brand as an alternative to established players like Gatorade and Powerade. Director Brian Ford and production company…

Miller Lite Hits the Bodega for Indie-Style Ads About Neighborhood Characters

And they all want the same thing

Silver Man—a dude in a top hat and glasses, every inch of him coated in silver paint—really shines in TBWA\Chiat\Day's new campaign for Miller Lite. But he's just one of many…

Tiny Dolls Act Out Hilarious Soap Operas Over Single Pieces of French Toast Crunch

A return to the '90s

Consumers bowled over by the recent return of French Toast Crunch after a nine-year hiatus should enjoy "The Tiny & The Tasty," a strange and silly soap-opera parody that casts…

A Costa Rican Brewer Just Inadvertently Made the Most Obscene Billboard Ever

Unless it was intentional

Costa Rican drivers are getting an eyeful when they pass this billboard for Republica Parrillera Pilsner beer. Looking at the front of the billboard, nothing seems amiss. But when viewed…

Burger King Unveils Its First TV Commercial With the King in More Than 4 Years

Comeback for the character?

You can't keep a good King down. Burger King's creepy, plastic-faced King character, who was sidelined from TV ads four years ago, will return Monday night in prime time in a…