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Groupon Posted This Product on Facebook, Then Replied to Everyone Who Made a Sex Joke

It's just a Banana Bunker, people

Groupon knows social, as you can see with its latest Facebook post of a Banana Bunker—a container for a single banana, which you can absolutely purchase on the Groupon site. Fans…

Here Are 3 Fun New 'Be Like Mike' Gatorade Ads to Go With the Remastered One

And it's the music that's the star

Can we be even more like Mike? Gatorade's 50th anniversary celebration continues with three spots from TBWA\Chiat\Day, each reimagining the iconic Michael Jordan-inspired "Be Like Mike" jingle we've been humming for…

Infographic: Here's Your Definitive Wrap-up of Social Chatter at SXSW

Which events and brands got the most buzz?

Hopefully your South by Southwest hangover has eased, and you're ready for a final run-through of the social numbers from the festival. Tracx provides just that in the infographic below, exclusive…

Can a New Global Campaign Help Coca-Cola Sell More Soda?

Experts: brand may have to consider inherent challenges of its product

Coca-Cola is said to be looking for a new global campaign, having asked 10 roster agencies to pitch ideas that would resonate worldwide. That's no easy task. Honing in on a…

Ad of the Day: OPI Brilliantly Creates a Whole Alphabet From Drops of Nail Polish

Color becomes language

Color can communicate a lot of information, but not as clearly as if it were an actual language. So OPI made it into one. A sassy, gorgeous new campaign from the…

How Does SoulCycle Feel About All the Parodies Popping Up on TV?

Pretty good, and the fitness chain is willing to get in on the gag

In case you had any lingering doubt that SoulCycle has exploded from trendy fitness hobby to full-on national craze, look no further than the cycling satires popping up on Comedy…

Watch a Calligrapher Perfectly Draw Famous Logos From Scratch With Pen and Ink

Mesmerizing time-lapse Instagram videos

Remember when you were in middle school and you would doodle the logo of your favorite band on your Trapper Keeper? The Led Zeppelin logo, or Tupac's face, or the…

Volvo and Grey London Invent an Invisible Paint That Lights Up Cyclists at Night

Another safety innovation with LifePaint

Safety is a huge part of the Volvo brand. And now, the automaker, with help from Grey London, is extending the concept beyond its own drivers—to cyclists with whom they…

Accounts in Review: MetLife's Agency Review Follows a Clear Pattern

Search begins 2 months after new marketing chief arrives

It's a classic scenario: a new marketing leader joins a company and, boom, within a few months launches a review. Such is the case at MetLife, where new Global Chief Marketing…

Adweek's Top 5 Commercials of the Week: March 20-27

Dictators, dirty dancers and perfect deadpan from Ricky Gervais

It was a varied week in commercials, from propaganda to punch lines. Check out our picks for the week's best spots, and vote for your favorite.

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