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Nike's New Ad Discourages Budding Athletes, Who Won't Make It Anyway

Just don't do it?

Nike Korea's new "Just do it" campaign kicks off with "Play Loud," a 90-second short film by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo. Like past Nike works, it promotes team sports as…

Ad of the Day: This Woman's Heartbreaking Makeup Tutorials Double as Powerful PSAs

Reshma's beauty tips

This isn't the kind of makeup tutorial you see every day. In this compelling video by Ogilvy & Mather, a young vlogger named Reshma neatly walks viewers through the process of…

Here's the Whole Story Behind the Year's Kookiest Car Ad

How can you resist this junky 1995 Ford F150?

Would you buy a used car from this man? Meet Chris Murphy, aka Dan Mayson, a voiceover artist and radio announcer from Fredericksburg, Va., whose zany, brutally honest YouTube video, designed…

Have You Ever? This Ad for Big Lots Goes From Oddly Repetitive to Downright Surreal

The looping, 10-word script is just the beginning

If you're a woman with an eye for design, Big Lots will apparently have you at a loss for words. But thankfully, there's AutoTune. In the chain's latest ad from agency…

How Not to Get Sued By Michael Jordan, or Any Celeb, Over a Simple Congrats Ad

What brands can learn from one grocery chain's cautionary tale

Can you get sued for wishing a celebrity well? It might seem innocuous, but using an ad to congratulate an athlete or another big name can earn brands their very own…

Quiz: Do You Know Which Words Are Missing From These Taglines?

Fill in the blanks

Remembering a brand's tagline is pretty simple. It's drilled into the consumer's head over and over. But what happens when you remove a few words? See how superb your tagline…

A Breakfast Cereal Mascot in Drag Has Stolen the Heart of Newly Single Kermit the Frog

How quickly time heals

In the Israeli ad below, created by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Kermit the Frog sings a swinging love missive to Denis(e), the mascot for Unilever's Branflakes cereal. Branflakes is targeted to…

Ad of the Day: Honda Explores the Strange Art of Precision Walking in This HR-V Spot

Mcgarrybowen steps right up with another eye-catcher

In a beautiful display of step-by-step precision, Honda's latest TV ad for its new HR-V focuses on walking—not driving. The new 60-second spot, "Stepping," created by mcgarrybowen London for Honda Europe,…

Now It's Sherwin-Williams' Turn for a Much-Needed New Logo, Right?

Or is the Earth-smothering icon actually brilliant?

Now that Google and Verizon have sparked global design debates by redesigning their logos, it makes sense to ask who should be next. I mean, other than Yahoo. Looking beyond the tech…

Teflon Tom: Why Brady's Brand Remains Bulletproof

Patriots QB's stock goes up following overturned suspension

The NFL season doesn't start until next week, yet Tom Brady just scored a huge victory over the league today, keeping his brand marketability at a championship level. This morning, a…

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