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Agency London in New York Literally Set Up a Work Space Inside the Metropolitan Opera House

Launches its first campaign ahead of opening night

Many ad agency executives' jobs take them to unique locations. But very few have had the opportunity to work in an environment quite like this one. London in New York, a…

2 New Movie Trailers From This Week Show How Hollywood Is Evolving the Format

How to better hook the audience

There's been a movement in two directions over the past few years in how movie trailers are edited and assembled. They've adapted to new media platforms and audience tastes to more…

Ad of the Day: Pine-Sol Is Clueless, Except When It Comes to Cleaning, in 19 Fun Prerolls

Critical Mass spots are pegged to popular searches

Most folks won't be floored by these brief, humorous Pine-Sol vignettes. But that's probably OK with the venerable brand, which just wants to tell viewers that its grease- and stain-fighting…

David Ortiz Shows Off the JerkyBot, a Drone Snack Tray That Follows You Around

Chef's Cut Real Jerky's aerial feedbag is perfect for America

There are lots of current applications of drone technology, but not many of them are very useful to the average consumer. But what's this? A drone that allows you to…

Pro Athletes School Gatorade Drinkers in the Brand's Most Humiliating Campaign Yet

J.J. Watt, Karl-Anthony Towns, Bryce Harper and a couple of catty anchors

Gatorade is back to gleefully shame more of its own consumers for being lazy and out of shape—this time with a roving crew of top athletes and nasty sportscasters, who…

A Vote for Hillary Is Largely a Vote Against Trump, Says This Slam Poet's Hard-Hitting Ad

IN-Q's politics in verse

What happens when celebrated slam poet, songwriter and rapper IN-Q turns his attention to the current political scene? A lyrical slicing and dicing of Donald Trump without ever saying the…

Edelman Hires Former Leo Burnett Exec, Moves Further Into Ad Agency Territory

Mark Renshaw to lead global brand practice

In 2013, Edelman stunned the public relations industry by reversing its opposition to paid media placements as the world's largest communications firm effectively pivoted into marketing. Today the company further strengthened…

How a Juice Brand Used Unpaid Celebs to Get Fans Clamoring for a Drink Made of Charcoal

The FOMO is real

Never mind goji berries, chia seeds and kale. On Sept. 9, Suja Juice, a trendy entry in the ongoing battle for our superfood dollars, released Midnight Tonic, an all-black, limited-edition beverage that…

JFK's Terminal Rebranding Waves Goodbye to Ugly Airport Travel

And says hello to travelers with a warm redesign

Spending time in an airport can be a stressful, frustrating ordeal, especially if the airport is dirty or poorly designed. John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 4 is adding a…

Eager to Boost Its U.S. Profile, Tim Horton's Names Horizon Media as Agency of Record

Canadian chain merged with Burger King in 2014

Independent media agency Horizon Media continued its new-business winning streak this week by picking up the U.S. agency of record assignment for Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Horton's. The agency will be…

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