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Ben & Jerry's Has Brought Back Apple's '1984' as a Burrito Anthem for Stoners

Will this be the official snack of 4/20?

Parodies of Apple's "1984" continue to surface at the oddest of times—such as 4/20, America's unofficial day of marijuana appreciation. Ben & Jerry's has created the spot below to celebrate the…

Why That Scary Omaha Zoo Video Is a Gorilla-Sized PR Nightmare

5 million views so far, but marketers criticize the damage control

According to TripAdvisor, the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, is the best zoo in the United States. Situated near the Missouri River on the Nebraska-Iowa border, the…

The New Movie Studio Behind The Gift Hires Horizon

STX Entertainment's first film comes out in July

Media spending behind STX Entertainment—Horizon Media's newest account—is likely to be relatively modest this year, as the new movie studio plans to release just two films in 2015. The slate comprises…

David Hasselhoff Reaches Peak Self-Parody in Promo for Kung Fury

Film is sure to #TakeHoff

Dinosaurs, fingerless gloves, punks, skateboards, hacking and traveling back in time to try to kill Hitler. It's everything you ever loved about the '80s in one film—now including David Hasslehoff. Kung…

Empty Wheelchair Chases People Around a Mall in One of the Meanest Ad Pranks Yet

FCB Health's PSA about osteoporosis

Hand out fliers about the dangers of osteoporosis pretty much anywhere and see what happens. Crumple. Toss. No one reads all those statistics. But chase those same folks with a…

Humana's Creative Review Seeks an Agency With Digital at Its Core

Insurer spends $80 million in media annually

Humana is reviewing its creative business, looking for an agency with the ability to reinvent the brand at a time when the health insurance category is undergoing rapid evolution. Account revenue…

Ad of the Day: You've Never Seen Unboxing Videos Like Samsung's for the Galaxy S6

Fun pro take on amateur genre

Unboxing videos are a pretty big deal these days, largely because they're seen as more "honest" than commercial brand videos, with real people unpacking their shiny new gadgets from their…

Quiz: Can You Match These Vintage Mascots With Their Brands?

Some have endured, while others faded from memory

We've entered an age where everyone seems to love throwing it back to the good old days. Brands and agencies alike are tapping into old memories, from Wieden + Kennedy's 30-year…

As Tea's Popularity Grows, Pure Leaf's First Ad Plays Up Authenticity

4 out of 5 Americans are now tea drinkers

As consumer interest in tea grows—four out of five U.S. consumers drink tea, according to the Tea Council of the USA—brands like PepsiCo and Unilever's Pure Leaf have a big…

Accounts in Review: The Media Searches Keep Piling Up

Visa, Coty on the hunt

As a media agency these days, you're either under siege or flush with opportunity. It became clear this week that Visa and Coty are searching for agencies to handle their global…

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