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San Francisco Tries to Cut Down on Public Urination by Peeing on Offenders

Ad agency's 'Pee Back' stunt streams in from Germany

Not unlike many other cities around the world, San Francisco has a public-urination problem. People keep peeing in public and on private property, which is not only gross but also…

Google Paints Stunning Portraits of Disability Rights Heroes on Washington, D.C., Steps

25th anniversary of ADA

In 1990, a group of disabled people pulled themselves up the steps at the U.S. Capitol building to advocate for the Americans With Disabilites Act, protesting delays in an event…

This Ludicrously Awesome KFC Bucket Takes Your Selfies and Prints Them Out

The world's most finger-lickin' printer

Have you ever thought to yourself, "You know what would be really cool? What if when I'm hanging with my hipster friends later, eating fried chicken in the park, we…

These Might Be the First Condom Ads That Try to Make You Less Excited

When the product is just too good

Most condom ads are all about sensual pleasure, but what if the product is just too good at delivering that? That's the theme of three 15-second spots for Okamoto condoms…

Ad of the Day: Kim Kardashian Just Made One Seriously Strange Ad for an Energy Drink

Channeling Marie Antoinette, Audrey Hepburn

Kim Kardashian West sports seven costumes and channels famous female figures in history, including Marie Antoinette and Audrey Hepburn, in this two-and-a-half-minute ad for Hype Energy Drink. It's an odd narrative…

This Remarkable Short Film Set at Costco Explores the Empty Obsession With Shopping

Home away from home

We've all seen shoppers like the lead character in Andrew DeYoung's new short film, Shopping. Some of us have even been sucked into conversation with them. Sometimes they're really annoying,…

Realtors Hire a New Agency to Educate Millennials About What, Exactly, They Do

Arnold will woo the DIY homebuyer

The National Association of Realtors has put out the welcome mat for Arnold Worldwide, hiring the Boston-based agency to handle creative, digital, brand activation and strategy following a review led…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Re-creates Terminator 2's Bar Fight Scene for Video Game Ad

He just needs a few things

"I need your clothes. Your boots. And your motorcycle." Arnold Schwarzenegger really needs some new material. A quarter century after walking naked into a seedy bar and uttering that famous line…

Hey Developers, Unlike HP, Betabrand Doesn't Give a Crap What You Wear

Comical video plays off dress code flap

If you've got killer programming chops and a closet full of ill-advised sartorial selections, Betabrand might be the workplace for you. HP took some heat this week for reportedly telling enterprise…

24 Hours in Advertising: Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tom Brady's future as a brand ambassador, Twitter's sales are up, more

Tom Brady's suspension was upheld, but marketing experts insist that this won't impact the quarterback's role as a brand ambassador. Plus, Twitter's ad sales jumped 63 percent in the last…

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