Homeless People Read Mean Tweets in This Heartbreaking PSA Another Canadian take on Kimmel's gag

People reading mean tweets is turning into a PSA genre.

Last month, the Canadian Safe School Network took Jimmy Kimmel's hit comedy bit, usually featuring celebrities, and repurposed it as a potent anti-cyberbullying ad. Now, Raising the Roof Canada has upped the ante even further with a stunning and heartbreaking spot about the homeless.

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April 1, 2015, 2:02 PM EDT

29 People Who Can't Stand Your Stupid Branded April Fools' Joke The backlash is real

Photo: Getty Images

Here we are again, fools.

It's the first day of April, and everyone is reluctant to click links for fear of getting Rickrolled, sent to an old website from the '90s or even—gasp!—finding a fake product from a brand.

The latter is particularly loathsome, according to people on Twitter who hate to see brands have any fun whatsoever. It's so tiresome and clichéd, these folks claim (a complaint that itself might be a bit tiresome and clichéd).

Take a look below at this motley crew of pitchfork-carrying villagers who won't rest until the brands stop trying to engage with them.

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April 1, 2015, 12:06 PM EDT

Miss Cleo Is Standing By to Take Your Call to Benefit Cosmetics She sees beauty products in your future

Ms. Cleo is now the spokesperson for the Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network. Benefit Cosmetics

Between 1997 and 2003, you probably fell asleep to psychic Miss Cleo telling you, in her upbeat Jamaican accent, that she could predict your future during her infamous Psychic Readers Network infomercials. Now, this April Fools' Day, the pitchwoman is back. But instead of reading tarot cards, she's trading makeup tips.

Miss Cleo is now apparently shilling for the Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network, a hotline that compliments your look. And this time, your calls to her number, 1-844-SO-FLAWLESS, won't cost you $9.95 a minute. While she gets it makes fun of her most famous role, she's totally on board with the prank. 

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April 1, 2015, 11:20 AM EDT

April Fools' Day 2015: Our Giant Roundup of the Best Brand Hoaxes All of this year's coolest and silliest pranks

April Fools' Day is one of my favorite advertising holidays. It's a magical day when brands manage to be smart, relevant and amusing on their smallest budgets of the year. It's a lesson we could all learn, year round.

With a few exceptions like Google (including YouTube), Virgin and ThinkGeek, which have practically built the day into their business model, most brands are tossing a pittance of their marketing budget toward a daylong prank, just for the fool of it. And there's something beautifully foolish in that, don't you think?

See this year's roundup below. We'll be updating this story throughout the day. Yee-haw!

(Email me or Tim with pranks that we've missed.)

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April 1, 2015, 10:24 AM EDT

Speed Up Your Love Connection With 'Uber for Tinder,' an April Fools' Gag That Could Actually Exist Swipe right, then call a car to meet

The best April Fools' Day gag products are the ones that leave you wondering why it's not already a real thing.

That's definitely the case with Tinder for Uber (and its partner site, Uber for Tinder), a partnership between two of the moment's most popular mobile apps.

The supposed service lets you swipe your way to a romantic rendezvous by finding a match on Tinder, and then you and your date can book Uber rides to go meet in the middle. I'm sure there are already affair-planning sites that offer something similar, though for the sake of my search history and my marriage, I'm not going to Google that one. 

Wondering what other brands are doing for April Fools'? Here's a giant roundup of today's best hoaxes.


April 1, 2015, 10:23 AM EDT

Suntory Whisky Carved the World's Most Incredible Ice Cubes TBWA creates landmarks and characters in miniature

Advertising craft doesn't get more delicate than this. Check out the crazy ice cubes TBWA\Hakuhodo created for Japan's Suntory Whisky.

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March 31, 2015, 1:37 PM EDT

Why This Photo Was the Absolutely Perfect Way to Introduce the Deadpool Costume Cheeky reveal wins everything

On Friday, Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the first picture of the official Deadpool costume with him posing on a bear skin rug, à la Burt Reynolds, and the image is utterly brilliant and perfect in every way. Let me explain.

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March 31, 2015, 12:01 PM EDT

Jack in the Box Unveils the World's Largest Coupon, an 8-Story-High Monstrosity And photographs of it are redeemable

I'm sure we've all had some unflattering theories about how Jack in the Box would achieve a Guinness World Record ("Most People Made Uncomfortable by Creepy Mascot" was my guess). But the fast-food chain recently unveiled the world's largest coupon, made to promote its new Buttery Jack burger.

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March 31, 2015, 11:34 AM EDT

Pennzoil's High-Octane Aerial Stunt Shows a Dodge Drifting on a Floating Platform With help from some visual effects

Need a lift? Take this cool 90-second Pennzoil spot from J. Walter Thompson for a spin.

Stunt driver Rhys Millen hurtles through the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, in a canary yellow 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat for much of the film, called "Airlift Drift," promoting the client's synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. Ultimately, his wild ride hits dizzying heights as four helicopters hoist the vehicle on a specially designed asphalt-topped platform. The car continues to drift and burn rubber like mad as it soars through the night sky, past glittering downtown skyscrapers.

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March 31, 2015, 10:55 AM EDT

The Labels on These Clothes Tell the Tragic Stories of the Workers Who Made Them Strong stuff from the Canadian Fair Trade Network

The label on a piece of clothing might reveal something about its provenance, but it hardly tells the whole story. The Canadian Fair Trade Network wanted to change that. To draw attention to people around the world who are working in unsafe conditions, these remarkable ads tell their stories on the labels of clothes they make. Powerful work by agency Rethink.

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March 31, 2015, 7:40 AM EDT


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