CBS's Hamilton Promo for the Tony Awards Is One of the Best 360° Videos Ever You're on the stage, not in the audience

Sure, we've all been seeing and hearing a lot from Hamilton, the hottest musical in years, but here's a video that puts other clips to shame.

CBS' Facebook promo for Sunday's 70th Tony Awards uses 360-degree video to put you right on stage as the Hamilton cast rehearses a song. Technically it's just part of a song—an a cappella snippet of "Wait for It"—but it's  still downright incredible.

Most 360 videos rely on scenic backdrops or action, but this one tones things down and lets you just enjoy looking around at an unbelievably talented cast that most of us would be damn lucky to even see from the nose-bleed seats.

Check it out below, and be sure to drag the video around with your mouse or finger to make the most of it:

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June 9, 2016, 12:35 PM EDT

McCann London Gets Its Very Own Sneaker, Inspired by the Agency's Art Deco Building Architecture for the feet, from Norman Walsh

In partnership with Norman Walsh, a British sports shoe brand, McCann London has created the Herbrand Seven-Eleven, a pair of sneakers inspired by the agency's own art-deco-style building at 7-11 Herbrand Street. 

The limited-edition shoes, manufactured by hand in Norman Walsh's factory in Bolton—where the brand's been based since 1961—bear the distinctive white and green colors of the McCann building. They went live Wednesday at an agency exhibit celebrating Norman Walsh's history.

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June 9, 2016, 12:04 PM EDT

The Cast of Girls Just Made This Sexual Assault PSA Dedicated to the Stanford Victim 'She is someone,' says the simple yet strong message

Lena Dunham and the cast of HBO's Girls just released this sexual assault PSA, which questions the way society treats victims. The 90-second spot urges people to create a "safer, healthier environment for women to come forward" by listening to and supporting victims. 

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June 9, 2016, 10:15 AM EDT

This 'Meet a Muslim' Video Is Full of Nice, Normal People. And That Shouldn't Be Surprising Can Tara Miele's film lead to less fear and hate?

It's a shame when a person introduces herself as "a human" and it actually seems necessary.

A new video, titled "Meet a Muslim," aims to mitigate some of the fear and misperception currently pervading the American dialogue—by putting the camera on a diverse cross-section of U.S. citizens who share the Islamic faith. 

There's a pediatrician, a mom and a handful of adorable kids. There's a woman who calls herself the "naughty Muslim," a couple of parents who call their family "smiley Muslims," and a man (who also—gasp!—drinks) married to another man. 

There's also a white dude. And a young, Ohio-born woman who wears a floral hijab and describes herself as a "foodie." They all share a little about themselves, then offer reflections—uniformly warm, sometimes baffled, often heartbreakingly insightful—about why they face so much animus from people who don't know them. 

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June 8, 2016, 2:10 PM EDT

Guys Bribe Their Girlfriends to Watch Soccer Alone in Heineken Ad With an Awesome Twist Didn't see that coming

What if you had the perfect excuse to watch the UEFA Champions League Final at an epic Heineken party ... without your girlfriend?

That's the setup in Heineken's latest stunt for soccer fans. One week before the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan, Heineken targeted a handful of guys out at dinner in São Paulo with their girlfriends. When the guys opened the menus, they were met with a surprising message:

Would you like to be free to watch the UEFA Champions League Final at a Heineken party? Gift your lady a weekend at this spa.

What follows is a long, comic silence, after which the guys try adapting the message for their skeptical girlfriends as if they'd planned it all along. One lays it on thick, claiming he did a huge amount of research. 

"You want to get rid of me?" a girlfriend asks incredulously.

"Look how stressed you are," her dude responds. "You need some time for you!" 

It's classic, in keeping with the kinds of stunts and messaging Heineken has become known for—surprising and rewarding mostly male soccer fans to build on the idea that Heineken is your own personal beer buddy, as keen on the sport as you are. 

We're all for boys just wanting to have fun, but for women, the asymmetry can be irritating. (Why couldn't they just tell them?) That irritation builds as the ladies take the bait and our trio of heroes skip off to party town, where a cheering crowd, a big-screen TV and beers await them. The guys cozy up under a #ChampionTheMatch banner, clinking glasses in celebration of their little caper.

But the ad ain't over yet.

The guys' faces are priceless as they absorb the surprise, followed by the moral of this little Aesop's fable: "Have you ever considered that she might like football as much as you do?" (You know this already, but soccer is actually football elsewhere in the world.) 

Still, our heroes-turned-victims clap to their own dupe, sportsmanlike to the end. And in exchange for being such loveable cads, the women tell them to peep under their seats. Aww... tickets to Champions League 2017. This time they'll all go together

Created by Publicis, "The Cliché" provides a different kind of gratification that reflects an evolution in couples culture as-seen-on-TV, one in which both partners win in equal measure, and no single sex is so easily had. And while we take it for granted that there's stuff our dudes would rather do without us (and vice versa), the ad's real message is that these divides don't have to be determined by blanket cultural stereotypes about what your partner will or won't enjoy. 

Those divides go both ways. We're pretty sure that, after discovering their kick-ass soccer weekend has been grossly overshadowed by their girlfriends', our fallen-from-grace protagonists would be open to a spa treatment, if only to massage away all that pwnage.


Cliente: Heineken
Agência: Publicis
Direção de Criação: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung, Alexandre (Xã) Vilela
Direção de Arte: Henrique Mattos, Cícero Souza, Guto Kono
Redação: Pedro Lazera, Mariana Albuquerque, Samuel Normando
Atendimento: Danilo Ken, Daniel Batista, Marina Roge
Planejamento: Eduardo Lorenzi, Alexandra Varassin, Rafael Fiorito, Leonardo Andrade
Social Strategist: Tiago Martinez
Mídia: Gracieli Beraldi, Giuliana Barletta, Nicolas Lana
RTVC: Tato Bono, Dani Toda
Produtora: Hungry Man
Diretor: Caio Rubini, Fabio Pinheiro
Managing Partner: Alex Mehedff
Produtor Executivo: Rodrigo Castello, Renata Corrêa
Line Producer: Mariana Marinho
Diretor de Fotografia: Felipe Meneghel
Equipe de Produção: Hungry Man
Supervisor de Pósprodução: Rodrigo Oliveira
Pósprodução: Efecktor
Montador: Thiago Ceruti
Color Grading: Psycho N'Look
Produtora de Audio: Jamute

June 8, 2016, 12:11 PM EDT

McCann Came Up With a Haircut That Fights Cancer in This Remarkable Campaign Why thousands of women are donating half of their hair

Depression can run high among women who lose their hair during cancer treatment. As one survivor says in the video below, "All of a sudden, you're not you. You have a label: cancer." 

For most Romanians, wigs are prohibitively expensive, and there are no government subsidies to help. So, cancer charity Fundația Renașterea and McCann Bucharest developed a novel campaign to convince women to cut their hair and donate it for wig production.

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June 8, 2016, 11:28 AM EDT

A New Magazine Called 'It Ran' Will Run Any Ad You Make, So It's Eligible for Awards Cheat slightly less, for a good cause

Bogus ads that never ran are a scourge on advertising award shows. But now, you can make sure your bogus ads actually did run—thanks to a new magazine in Canada that will print them, no questions asked.

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June 7, 2016, 11:34 AM EDT

Camera Store Mocks Photos Taken With Phones in Spoof of Apple's iPhone Ads Get a proper DSLR camera today

Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" print and outdoor ads, featuring real photos taken by real iPhone 6 users, has been very popular since its launch in early 2015, even picking up a Grand Prix award at Cannes. But of course, not every photo taken with an iPhone, or any smartphone, looks quite as perfect as that campaign would suggest.

Lens & Shutter, a three-location photography store chain in Canada, specializing in DSLR cameras, reminds its target market of the limitations of smartphone cameras in a fun parody of the Apple campaign—featuring the line "Shot on a phone."

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June 7, 2016, 10:50 AM EDT

Morgan Fairchild and Erik Estrada Take Self-Mockery to a New Level in Mattress Ads Spots will make you laugh, or maybe cry

Faded actors frequently do self-deprecating commercials for a buck. But these new spots for Mattress Firm, from agency Ideaology, really push the lighthearted self-mocking into fairly cringe-worthy territory.

For starters, the whole concept of the campaign is for Fairchild and Estrada to liken themselves to old, worn-out mattresses that need replacing. That's pretty brutal, even when played for laughs. But then Fairchild goes the extra mile of using the phrase "saggy and baggy," while Estrada freely admits to being "past my prime."

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June 7, 2016, 10:06 AM EDT

David Ortiz Keeps Swinging, Even in Retirement, in JetBlue's Charming Farewell Ad Big Papi takes aim at new targets

After 13 years playing for the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz will retire at the end of the 2016 baseball season. And he's contemplating some unusual plans for his next career. 

In a thank-you ad from Red Sox sponsor JetBlue, the designated hitter and nine-time All Star finds work at different children's birthday parties—whacking the literal stuffing out of their piñatas. 

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June 7, 2016, 8:58 AM EDT


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