Burger King Surprised Apartment Hunters With One Whopper of a Kitchen Upgrade A fully staffed restaurant, just for you

If you're apartment hunting for a three bedroom/two bath/one Burger King, this might be the spot for you.

Spanish agency La Despensa equipped a tasty pad in downtown Madrid with a BK kitchen and menu counter for a stunt touting the arrival of the chain's home delivery service. You've got familiar brand signage, colorful meal displays and even some guy named Michael, dressed in a BK uniform, ready to take your order.

Because the agency listed the unit on local real-estate websites for roughly half its market value, "we had around 800 calls in five days asking to see the place," La Despensa creative director Luis Monroy tells AdFreak. Hidden cameras recorded the reactions of prospective tenants, who seem amused and pretty psyched about the experience.

"It took around three days to assemble the restaurant after weeks of searching for the perfect place," Monroy says. "Can you imagine what it's like to carry up all the kitchen tools, digital screens for the menu board … and the bar of 300 kilos to the third floor with no elevator?" Members of the marketing team, production company and agency all pitched in to help with the heavy lifting.

Of course, authentic BK cuisine was served. "It is a much more complete experience with a Whopper in your hands," Monroy says. Soon after it finished the video, La Despensa (which translates to "The Pantry"—perfect, right?), the apartment, which really had been on the market, was snapped up, "unfortunately without the restaurant, and at a higher price."

This well-done prank manages to stay on-point and satisfy without seeming overcooked. And that's kind of rare in this category.

December 8, 2014, 1:55 PM EST

Ad People Are the World's Bravest, Say Firefighters, Astronauts and Bomb Disposal Experts Enter your most courageous work in the Andy Awards

Yes, disposing of bombs is stressful. So is operating on someone's brain, or rocketing into the endless void of space. But none of those things require quite as much courage as advertising, where only the truly fearless succeed.

That's according to Wieden + Kennedy's amusing call for entries campaign for the 2015 Andy Awards, which is seeking your bravest work for its next show. Check out three films below (directed by Clay Weiner of Biscuit Filmworks), in which practitioners from supposedly daunting fields tip their hats to advertising people—the world's real heroes.

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December 8, 2014, 11:27 AM EST

Salt-N-Pepa Tell Football Players and Pregnant Ladies to Push It for Geico Push it real good

If you're excited by rumors of a Salt-N-Pepa reunion album, you'll thoroughly enjoy this Geico ad where Salt, Pepa and DJ Spinderella don their famous jackets and tell everybody to push it.

Divorcing the song from its sexual connotations, the ladies are now here to help anyone who needs some encouragement with their pushing. They help a man who tries to pull open a door that needs to be pushed. They help a lady in an elevator who needs to select a floor. They show up at a Lamaze class, then on a football sled, and finally they dance after a poor man trying to mow his lawn.

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December 8, 2014, 9:47 AM EST

1-800-Contacts Ran the Perfect Ad on 'Eaten Alive' and It Wasn't Even (Totally) Planned Goofy plot was a coincidence at first

Those who were disappointed that Paul Rosolie wasn't completely and totally eaten alive by the snake on Discovery Channel's Eaten Alive last night got a consolation prize—this comical ad for 1-800-Contacts, which aired on the telecast and did show a guy properly (if cartoonishly) devoured by a snake.

The plot of the ad, by Pereira & O'Dell, was a total coincidence. And in fact, the company originally planned to break the ad in January. But after hearing about the Discovery special, it was moved up to Sunday's broadcast—and the agency tells us the voiceover was even tweaked to tie into the show (specifically, the part where the snake-eaten dude murmurs, "I hope this makes me famous.")

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December 8, 2014, 9:13 AM EST

An 18-Wheeler Jumps Over a Racecar in EMC's Gnarly, Record-Setting Stunt Do not try this at home, or anywhere else

Data storage and cloud computing company EMC, which sponsors Formula 1 racing, recently sent an 18-wheeler careening over a racecar in an epic, world-record setting jump … because it's awesome.

It's one of those records you have to see to believe because large trucks are not known for their grace, outside of Jean-Claude Van Damme videos, or their jumping capability.

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December 5, 2014, 4:12 PM EST

The World's Saddest Clown Pines for Love in This Bleak, Beautiful Ad for Flower Delivery Longing for the circus ballerina

Ladies and gentlemen, now appearing in the center ring … a sad-ass clown with a heavy case of unrequited love.

The unhappy hero of this bleak but beautiful 75-second ad for Danish flower-delivery service Interflora tries letters, balloons and gifts to charm the object of his affection—an aerial artist who is apparently the shining star of this particular show. But something goes wrong every time, and she barely knows he's alive.

Brandhouse in Copenhagen created the spot, with lots of deft touches that underscore the clown's despair, such as the moody interplay of muted light and shadow, and shots of shabby wood-paneled circus trailers.

"The idea was to find the most heartfelt situation with the deepest possible feelings," agency creative director Mikkel Elung tells AdFreak.

"We needed to find a person who would have the most difficulties in expressing his love. And we couldn't find a better character than a clown who is in love with the beautiful circus ballerina. They are miles apart in every possible way, and traditionally they are not meant to be together, which increases the drama."

Shot in dull hues by Bacon director Martin Werner—with a downer soundtrack by Louise Alenius—the cinematic effort oozes melancholia (this is Denmark, after all), but it's also memorably affecting.

"We think there is hope." says Elung, "We just stop the story before it becomes advertising. The idea is to tap into every human's experience with how difficult it can be to express your feelings to the love of your life." What's more, he adds, "it's a tribute to real life and to the ones that keep trying—and a reminder that Interflora is here to help."

If roses don't do the trick, maybe the clown can take voice lessons and impress her with an aria or something. (That worked out great in Pagliacci. Didn't it?) Or if he really can't stand the pain, ol' baggy pants can always quit the Big Top, hit the highway in his comically small clown car and work birthday parties instead.

Actually, according to Elung, the clown was spared an even crappier fate in the final edit. "We had planned to incorporate an elephant in the commercial. It was on set, and we got a lot of footage of it," he says. "But in all the usable scenes, it had a tendency to poop, so we ended up cutting that out."

Client: Interflora
Agency: Brandhouse
Creative Director: Mikkel Elung
Art Director: Sigurd Bjerre
Copywriter: Simon Kragh
Director: Martin Werner
Production Company: Bacon
Producer: Malene Dyhring
Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
Editor: Rasmus Gitz-Johansen

December 5, 2014, 2:30 PM EST

Homebuyers Get House Tours via Roller Coaster in This Awesome Stunt ABN Amro makes real estate more fun

House hunting can be an unpleasant experience. But in the Netherlands, they've found a way to make it much more entertaining—indeed, as fun as going to an amusement park.

The Dutch bank ABN Amro is running a promotion all through December to help home sellers advertise their properties. To advertise it, it pulled off a hilarious stunt—building a mini roller coaster inside a home, which prospective buyers can tour while riding.

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December 5, 2014, 1:00 PM EST

Nick Offerman Sings the Ballad of the Responsible Whisky Drinker for Diageo Don't drink and woodwork, and other handy tips

Nick Offerman loves whisky, his guitar, woodworking and horseback riding. But he's man enough not to mix his favorite beverage with the last two—and quite upset that he doesn't have three hands so he can mix the first two.

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December 5, 2014, 9:14 AM EST

This Kid Had an Adorably Specific Wish to Be a UPS Driver, and the Company Delivered Carson, 4, is the shipping service's biggest fan

Carson loves trucks and gets way more excited about UPS deliveries than most other 4-year-olds. So the company decided to go ahead and make him part of the team.

Carson befriended Mr. Ernie, his neighborhood's UPS driver, when he started delivering a special formulation of milk to Carson's door three times a week. 

As part of the shipping company's Your Wishes Delivered campaign, Carson wanted to be a UPS driver for the day. So UPS made him one, with his own truck, brown uniform, packages and even signature pad.

Ogilvy & Mather made the two-and-a-half minute spot, and it’s a big old pile of cute wrapped up in brown paper. Carson is simply adorable. When he sees the miniature UPS truck, which is obviously a modified Power Wheels vehicle, he slaps his cheeks with his hands like Macaulay Culkin and runs around in a circle shouting, “Oh my gosh!” Then, he packages up cookies and dog bones to deliver to his neighbors.

But the best part of all, is Carson’s ability to make Mr. Ernie, a 25-year UPS veteran, get all choked up. You might even get choked up, too.

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December 4, 2014, 5:45 PM EST

If You're a Horrible Ad Person, You'll Love This Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack Gag gift of the year?

[UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom for info on how to get a pack.]

If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, and you also happen to be a wretched advertising professional with no soul, you really need to get your grubby paws on this expansion pack.

The Juggernaut, a Toronto-based animation, design and visual effects studio, came up with Advertising Against Humanity—a CAH expansion pack "for horrible ad people"—and is giving them away as gifts this holiday. Incidentally, the cards themselves were written by Lyranda Martin-Evans and Travis Cowdy, who work at KBS+P Toronto.

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December 4, 2014, 3:00 PM EST


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