Zeta ranks Super Bowl spots by online buzz


Zeta Interactive used its Zeta Buzz technology, which scans over 100 million blogs and online communities, to determine the winners and losers of this year's Super Bowl ads. Each ad was assigned a Zeta Buzz rating, which is applied by using a formula that factors in two important variables – (1) the overall volume of blog, message board and online media posts that ad received, and (2) the tone of those posts (positive vs. negative) that the ad received.

Here's the top 20 from the Zeta list, along with their scores:

1. Doritos' "Crystal Ball" (4.05)
2. "Need a New Job/Moose" (3.97)
3. Teleflora "Insult Flowers" (2.90)
4. Denny's "Whipped Cream" (2.66)
5. "Whiz Kid/David Abernathy" (2.61)
6. Bud "Clydesdale Fetching Stick" (2.48)
7. Coke Zero "Troy Polamalu" (2.46)
8. Bud Light "Lime" (2.33)
9. Hyundai "Genesis" (2.15)
10. (1.93)
11. E-Trade "Talking Babies" (1.83)
12. Cash4Gold "Ed McMahon/MC Hammer" (1.65)
13. NFL "Usama Young" (1.48)
14. Pepsi "Pepsuber" (1.48)
15. "Bling and Boozer" (1.46)
16. Doritos "Power of Crunch" (1.45)
17. Bud "Clydesdale in Love" (1.44)
18. Bud Light "Conan" (1.43)
19. Bridgestone "Mr/Mrs. Potato Head" (1.40)
20. CareerBuilder "Tips" (1.20)

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