Windshield shades bring you to the drive-in


Pittsburgh agency Brunner reinvents "screensavers" with this effort for the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In in Robinson Township, Pa., which uses car-windshield sunscreens as an ad medium. Putting ads on sunscreens isn't exactly an innovative concept, but this implementation is pretty cool. (See how they look in action here.) The life-size images of folks watching different types of movies were created for about $700 in production costs and feature friends of the agency and client. Movie-marquee-style copy invites patrons to "Take your emotions for a ride tonight." I assume the crying gals, and possibly the horrified guys, were stuck watching Adam Sandler's latest unfunny celluloid monstrosity, while the dude laughing so hard he spits his drink all over the windshield was not. A front-seat full of popcorn-throwing monkeys for a Planet of the Apes festival isn't part of the campaign, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway. I like monkeys.

—Posted by David Gianatasio



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