The Week on AdFreak: March 16-23, 2012 Products without their labels, a long-lost war poster, and the fevered run-up to the 'Mad Men' premiere

1. 4 Great Ads From the 'Mad Men' Edition of 'Newsweek'
2. Beer Saved the World (Infographic)
3. 10 Most-Viral Guinness Commercials Ever
4. Do You Know These Products Without Their Visual Branding?
5. How a 60-Year-Old War Poster Became a Modern-Day Sensation
6. Ex-Smokers Fight for Dignity in CDC's Brutal Anti-Smoking Ads
7. 6 Most Popular Twitter Ads of All Time
8. Adult-TV Ads Poke Fun at Absurdity of XXX Plots (SFW)
9. Sasha Grey's Advice in Equal Pay PSA: 'Become a Porn Actress'
10. Will Ferrell on Old Milwaukee: 'I Just Love a Good, Crappy Beer'

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Topics: Week in Review

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