The Week on AdFreak, June 13-17, 2011 The best ad movies ever, Macy's big NBA fail, lesbian catfights, and more

Movies, music, lesbian seduction. There was a little something for everyone in the ad world this week. David Griner ranked the 25 best movies advertising. Macy's congratulated the wrong team (again) after a sports championship. One agency was accused of stealing another's lesbian-foreplay commercial plot. And Crispin Porter + Bogusky said goodbye to Burger King with a wonderfully sadistic final campaign. Read on for the flame-broiled details.

25 Best Ad Movies Ever1

So many movies about advertising, but no real way to rank them. Or is there? We developed a foolproof system of dubious science to finally compile a definitive list. The 25 Best Advertising Movies Ever Made

Macy's Big NBA Goof2

Macy's has trouble with sports championships. In 2009, the chain bought newspaper ads congratulating the Phillies for winning the World Series, even though they had lost to the Yankees. Last week, it happened again, as new Macy's ads saluted the Miami Heat—right after they lost the NBA championship to the Dallas Mavericks. Macy's Mistakenly Congratulates Miami Heat in Newspaper Ads

Lesbian Catfight3

Deceitful lesbians faux-seducing other women so they can steal their possessions? Seems like a rare advertising plot. Or not. Did one agency steal the idea from another? Wicked Lesbian Foreplay: An Idea Worth Stealing?

Whopper Lust4

Crispin Porter + Bogusky finished its run on Burger King with a worthy coda: Whopper Lust. The campaign is centered around DirecTV channel 111, which is airing endless footage of a spinning Whopper. Watch for five minutes, and get a free Whopper. Watch for 10, and get two free Whoppers. And so on. Advertising as punishment—an appropriate farewell from a dumped agency. 'Whopper Lust': CP+B's Wonderful Swan Song on Burger King

Crazy Joy From Japan5

The most insanely hypnotic spot of the week, for Suntory Rickey cocktails, starring Japanese TV personality Becky in all the roles. Watch and wonder. Japanese Suntory Cocktail Spot Is Crazy, Hypnotic and a Big Hit

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