VW beats 'MacGruber'—but what wouldn't?


So, this is how Germans do "wacky." Munich agency Wuschner/Naylil serves up a MacGyver parody, among other oddities, to tout Volkswagen Accessories. "Hans Porter" is the fumbling, bumbling star. His bearded sidekick and a busty blonde chick ride to the rescue. The cast mugs for the camera at every turn, which I guess is what passes for German expressionism these days. The whole thing takes place in a white no-man's-land, deserted save for VW vehicles and accessories, fitting that nation's post-industrial zeitgeist to a T. Even sans translation, I got the main brand message, which can be summarized in three words: That blonde's busty! Maybe SNL should try doing "MacGruber" in German. That way, it could suck in a different language for a change. Ja Voll! View more spots in the series at Ads of the World.

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Topics: Germany, Volkswagen

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