Univision Adds 'La Fabrica' Division to Its Video Portfolio Kmart is an early sponsor

Univision is launching a digital arm called La Fabrica, a Spanish and English-language initiative that will produce original Web video series. While Boris Gartner, vp of La Fabrica, told Adweek that brand sponsors were lined up, he wouldn't disclose names.

However, his team's first program, Medicina Desconocida (translates as Strange Medicine), has six 23-minute episodes already live, and 15-second pre-roll ads for Kmart appear before each video. (There will be six more episodes of the drama available in two weeks.) So retail appears to be a category Gartner's sales division is targeting for the endeavor.

A dedicated staff in New York and Miami is expected to create, script and produce several other series in the coming weeks.

"We believe there's a need in the market in terms of content for Hispanic digital natives," the vp said. "La Fabrica expands on our initiatives from the past couple of years."

It is designed to complement Univision's other multimedia, millennial-focused efforts such as UVideos (another bilingual vids channel), Flama (English-language video content) and Uforia (digital music). Univision subsidiary, Fusion, will carry La Fabrica's English-language versions of its shows.

"There's a need for long-form content in digital," Gartner said. "There are a couple other initiatives we will be launching in Q2, which will entail articles and galleries but will be mostly video."

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