Thumbs down on TiVo ads

Tivo_1_1TiVo likes to promote itself as a service that lets you record anything and watch it whenever you want, but with consumers, the fact it lets them skip commercials is equally top-of-mind. Thus, though TiVo doesn’t hide its willingness to let advertisers under its tent, it faces a firestorm every time it attempts to, as it did over the weekend. It presented a limited number of subscribers with an advertising tag as they skipped through the commercials, and, predictably, the criticism was immediate. Some comments referred to them as pop-ups; others as banner ads—both pretty derogatory descriptions. Our emotional side has us feeling at one with all those commercial-hating consumers; but the more rational part asks, “Who the hell do you think finances all this programming?”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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