Subaru Gets Trashy With Trailer for Grindhouse-Style Movie Drifter and his WRX give a girl 'The Ride of Her Life'

Subaru is going for the lowest common denominator of dudes with this new grindhouse-style trailer for a movie that hopefully will never really exist.

The title, The Ride of Her Life, is only slightly more clever than a Beavis and Butt-head joke—which might actually make it less funny, according to the inverse stupid-to-laughter ratio that rules the testosterone-addled-teen genre of comedy.

Starring skater Bucky Lasek as "the mysterious drifter," the ad redeems itself with some one-liners that are so exaggeratedly dumb, they're good enough to render the whole thing convincing as a parody—instead of just painfully bad in the same manner it means to mock. Regardless, model-hyphenate Kayslee Colins, playing "the girl," shows enough skin to hold the attention of the flick's target audience—making it a win for the brand.

The trailer, created by Carmichael Lynch, is a million miles from the agency's mostly sentimental "Love" campaign for the automaker, although true to form, it does have a rich father-daughter story at its core. It's just a negative one this time.

And at least it features the full-size WRX instead of a miniature one.

Credits below.

Client: Subaru of America

Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Executive Creative Director: Randy Hughes
Writer, Creative Director: Ryan Peck
Art Director, Creative Director: Scott O’Leary
Head of Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Content Producer: Jon Mielke
Producer: Jennifer David
Director of Business Affairs: Vicki Oachs
Product Information Manager: Rob Ar
Account Service Team: David Eiben, Krista Kelly, Eva Anderson, Greta Hughes
Senior Project Manager: Lisa Brody

Production Company: DoubleURXXX Productions
XXXecutive Executives: Scott O'Leary, Ryan Peck
XXXecutive Producer: Jon Mielke
XXXecutive Technology Executive: Rich McGeheren
XXXecutive Design Executive: Andrew Wetzel
XXXecutive Responsible Adult: Lisa Brody
Special XXXecutive in Charge of General XXXellence: Bucky Lasek

Production Company: Cavira
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Line Producer: Luke Ricci
Director of Photography: Matthew Libatique

Editing House: Mark Woollen
Editorial Producer: Jeremy Greene
Editors: Daniel Lee, Zach Pentoney

Visual Effects House: Volt
Online Artist: Pete Olson

Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Sean Coleman

Audio: BWN
Sound Design, Mix: Carl White

Music: Singing Serpent

Talent: Bucky Lasek, Michael Wiles, Kayslee Collins, Eddy Rice Jr., Jenette Goldstein

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